Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Reply to The Noisy Rogue, Sans Whimsy.

A reply is certainly in order to the Noisy Rogue who posted about a few of us who decided to stop blogging for various reasons. As you all know I am easily trolled, and the gross inaccuracies and, let's face it, outright lies did indeed get my attention. First, and I did actually laugh out loud at this one, was the obvious typo which, for a veteran blogger like himself, is just silly:

"... I thought that this was sad, because although he is a very silly man with dubious eating habits, I enjoy his whimsical blogging style... "

You see? That's just ridiculous. It's spelled 'd-r-i-n-k-i-n-g' not 'e-a-t-i-n-g', although come to think of it- hey, wait... whimsical? Really? I always thought of myself as a hardcore, journalist-like blogger of epic proportions and was getting very irate, quite frankly, that not a single gaming site has yet asked me to write for them. Hmmm, maybe he's right and whimsical is the way to go. I can see myself buying an I-pad and blogging whilst frolicking through a meadow full of blooming buttercups all the while twirling in my favorite frock. Wheeeeeeeee! It could be my new thing, unless it was actually my old thing and in that case it will just be more of the same. Huzzah!

Well, Adam was right after all. I did wake up and realize that my blogging wouldn't stop- whimsical or otherwise. I love to rant and She Who Will Be Named Later hates to listen to said rants. Oh, sure, she humors me but it's with the familiar nodding and 'uh-huh's' that I myself perfected on whatever she talks about on a daily basis. New Mouth To Feed is awfully considerate and will let me rant away for various lengths of time about a wide range of topics but in the end she usually just spouts back some unintelligible nonsense, chews my nose, and then poops her pants. That is, I have to admit, a lot more interesting than some of the blogs I come across and miles ahead of the average intelligence of a You Tube 'conversation' but yet, somehow I crave something more....meaningful. For better or worse this blog is it.

I was surprised to see there were a few others hurling their nappies and quitting the blogging game as well. I haven't read Kleps in a while (he went on a long WoW spree for a bit and I tuned out) but I did like his style an awful lot. Sometimes a break is in order but again (and it pains me to say this) Adam is right: leave your blogs up, morons, and if it's up, then don't fucking mark it private so no one can find out why the hell you stopped. Just saying.

So thanks to Adam who, despite his gross misrepresentation of the truth, gave me a much-needed kick up the virtual back-side and a heaping of encouragement. Keep blogging, morons, all we have is each other. Oh, and I realize now that the title of this post should have read:

A Reply To The Noisy Rogue: Now Mit Whimsy!


  1. Haha, I faked you out. I hadn't saved it at all.Now I have though.

    1. lol....I've only deleted one post ever which was titled "Free Money, Yes Please!" It was a post about getting some overtime at work but I kept getting soooo many hits on it that I took it down. It was obviously spam sites and others just looking for free money lol. Idiots.

      I stand by my mistakes damnit! That post stays up ;)

  2. I usually just take a vacation here or there..but I'm glad you're not throwing in the towel.

  3. I'm glad you're sticking around.