Wednesday, October 10, 2012

X-Com Classic Ironman Challenge: Say Hello To Our New Alien Overlords

Is it really so bad? I mean, come on, they must be superior if they were able to find us so maybe having the aliens rule earth is a good thing, and I've actually done the world a favor by failing miserably at the X-Com Classic Ironman Challenge.

But not as terrifying as Classic Difficulty Ironman mode.

Ahhhhh, it seemed like such a good idea.
Of the 12 missions completed, most of them turned out like this.

The council was not impressed.

The Brave men and women who died in vain.

So yea, it's hard. I'm glad I had Ironman turned on or I'd still be stuck on mission five or so, desperately trying to save my squad from the Alien scum! I've re-started in Normal Ironman mode and am enjoying the game a lot more. I did fairly well for the first 5 mission or so, and then it all fell apart. Classic mode really punishes you for any mistakes. A crying baby distracted me during a mission and I lost several of my vets. The subsequent squad of rookies just wasn't up to the task and I began to lose entire teams which resulted in failed missions and increased panic. The panic levels get high quite fast on Classic mode.

The final tally.
As an ex-com veteran player, and fan, I didn't go into the game with any lofty expectations. I was looking forward to the game, yes, but I wasn't expecting (or wanting) a modern clone of the original. Overall I find the game good fun but there are some things which really bother me and which I am overwhelming disappointed in. I'm happy to have the game, and pleased to see a turn-based offering succeed commercially but am left wondering why they made certain choices which shouldn't be so obvious so soon. You know how it is when you get a new game you love, and you play and play and play, and then, after some time has passed and the rush is gone you start to notice things that bother you? Maybe it's a UI feature (or lack there of) or some game-play that doesn't make sense. Whatever it is, it usually takes a while to surface in a good game. Not so with X-Com Enemy Unknown.

In any case that is a post for another day! For now there are aliens to kill.


  1. Can't say I'm surprised by Netanyahu being such a badass, ex special forces and all that, but it's pretty disappointing that your blogging troopers were so comprehensively outperformed by Cat Stevens and Mila Kunis...

  2. Yea, I've not had much luck with the Bloggers I'm afraid. In my new game I've lost two Gank's and one Zoso thus far. Zoso was lost in the great "Alien Base Attack" massacre which you too will have to face very soon :)

    In fairness though, the whole team was lost in that mission including Captain Barak Obama which leaves things wide open for Mitt Romney I suppose.

  3. What the hell is it? As someone who has never played Xcom, can you share in a post what the game is all about? How gameplay works? The mechanics? I can go read a review, sure, but I'd rather rely on a peer...

    1. I'll try and get something of a write-up on the weekend for ya.

  4. I just got completely wiped by Muton Elites on day 232 (classic ironman). Had mostly max level troopers.

    1. Christ they come in elite form? That sucks.