Thursday, October 18, 2012

X-Com: Bugs Aside, Mission Accomplished. The Earth is Now Safe

Despite the bugs, design flaws, and my constant complaining I have been playing X-Com steady since it's release and I am happy to say the Earth is safe. You no longer have to worry, nor play the game yourself as I have killed the alien scum and saved mankind.

"Flawed Gem". Total Biscuit (of You Tube fame) described X-Com this way and I agree. It is so good yet at the same time absolutely terrible. Whole portions of the game don't work (S.H.I.V.'s currently) and bugs have forced me to re-start  but yet the tactical game-play is simply brilliant. I would like the try the game once again on Classic Ironman but not until they fix the bugs. Until then I am done. This game was my fourth, but in fact was only my second. I abandoned my first game just after the tutorial and started fresh. The second game was a quick loss in Classic Ironman. Game three was Normal Ironman but I had to abandon that after a bug in the first assigned mission. I started this game in Easy to get caught up, and then switched to Normal difficulty after the first Alien Base mission.

Oddly enough the "Gankalicious" character I made (initially a Heavy) went on to not only survive the whoe game, but be 'the one'. I found Normal mode to be quite easy, really, and re-loaded due to deaths only twice. Without further adieu, here they are:

A late entry to the team who arrived as a reward for a mission.

Ewan turned out to be one of my best guys in the end. Who knew actors were so good with weapons?

The man, the myth, the legend: Gank

Vladimir Putin was my go to killing machine..... further comment.

Former Beatles singer Paul McCartney was also very good with the shotgun.
Max Shmelling was my heavyweight Sniper.

It says Easy, and it was, but I played mostly in Normal mode.

I didn't even need all of my base slots in the end.

Final death toll was very low. I didn't lose anyone in the last 20+ missions. Next time I play Classic mode.


  1. Starting in a difficulty mode is significantly different from switching your difficulty mode midplay, primarily due to your starting resources and 'perks'. Just food for thought. :) Classic is *brutal* so, brace yourself, man.

    1. Bugger....I didn't realize the starting resources were different. Ah well. Classic is tough, I agree, but if I'm going to lose it's going to be because of the difficulty, not because of the bugs. Like I said, I'm done with this game until they fix it!