Sunday, October 7, 2012

Scratch One Alchemist...and a Netherlord

I've just now finished Torchlight II with my Engineer! Take that Alchemist, and miscellaneous Netherlord guy who appeared at the end for whatever reason. I died a hell of a lot of times trying to kill the Netherlord (twice as he re-animates after the first death) but my howls of rage, followed by my howls of victory have faded, and he is finally dead. I am now into the 'end-game'. I'm most likely going to play with my Embermage or re-spec as as a Cannoneer as I was getting a tad bored with the Hammer Engineer. I used the modability of the game to re-spec and will continue to do so as I hate being locked into a single build. There are some neat shared storage bins out there that won't flag you in multi-player (though I wonder who would care if you were flagged) full of stacks of re-spec potions that I highly recommend. You can even alter your stats if you've made some mistakes along the way.

All in all it was quite satisfying. I think the game was challenging enough (on Veteran) but not too tough that I grew frustrated. Raptr tells me I've logged 79 hours but quite a few of those were 'lost hours' where I was alt-tabbed, or on pause tending to the baby (who got to see the final boss kill and was quite interested in all the colors). All in all I stick by my recommendation- for $20 this game is a steal! As Bronte pointed out in his  review, you'd be crazy not to buy this!

Take that!

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