Thursday, September 20, 2012

Torchlight II. As Good As They Say

They being all the eager beavers who had review copies and published their reviews early today as the rest of us poor suckers were only just starting to play. As revenge I'm going to use their hard work and just say, yes, they are right. Go read them for more detailed information. Bloody keeners. The Ancient Gaming Noob touched on some great reviews.

I have been playing all afternoon so if you're on your way home from work soon (suckers) you have a great game to look forward to. It is pretty, fun, challenging, and surprising in places. I've had to (gasp) run from combat a few times and I've even died once for pete sake (Torchlight I was notoriously easy) on Veteran mode. It's exactly what I was hoping for and will be my mainstay for the next several weeks as I'm looking forward to leveling and gearing up an Engineer and an Ember Mage. The mage came as a surprise as I usually don't go for magicky types but burning things has never been so much fun (well, okay, the flame-thing in Warhammer Online was pretty darned fun too).

For $20 Torchlight II may be the deal of the year and I think it will cause many to proclaim: "What the hell is (was) Diablo III?"

Well done Runic Games.

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