Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Saturday Tune: Happy Birthday!

Wow, what a week. New Mouth To Feed has decided that sleep is her bitter, bitter enemy and she must do everything within her power to fight it. That of course leads to purple-faced screaming sessions when she eventually becomes 'over-tired' which is bitterly, bitterly unfair to those of us desperately trying to get her to sleep. After finally getting her to drop off a couple nights ago I turned to the 'ole internet for some cheering up. I was catching up on some Irish comedy when I came across RTE's Republic of Telly. I especially like the Handy Sandie character after having lived and worked in Cork (county mostly) for years. It isn't my birthday but when it is, this is the song I'll be humming all day!

And because it's pure funny like, I've added this as well. I'd warn you about foul language but if yer watching an Irish skit, well......... you'd best get used to it so. For those unaware, this is a pure Cork accent and the skits are set in Cork City. It's one of the hardest accents to follow that I encountered while first living in Ireland due to the slang they use, and the speed at which they speak. Cork prides itself in being....well, Cork but despite their obvious inferiority to Waterford I really like them ;)

For those across the pond, the Sandie character is what you'd commonly hear referred to as a 'chav' (white trash equivalent) and Dutch Gold, the beer they are drinking, is one of the cheapest you can buy. Enjoy!

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