Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Telltale Games: The Walking Dead

Wow. This game is good. I'm not even going to review it as by now, I'm sure, you've seen reviews and have a good idea what it's all about. I am, however, going to tell you that it is good. Very, very good. How good? Very. Or did I say that already? It is very much unlike the television series of which I have watched every episode simply to answer one simple question which I posed every week: Can it really get any worse? The answer, every week without fail was yes. Yes it can. Why I continued to watch this television series (and indeed will continue to watch when the next season is out) is likely rooted in some deep-seated psychological, masochistic need to punish myself. It's a lot like a car accident, or a good stabbing- you just can't look away.

In any case the Walking Dead game, which is currently in episode three of five, is fantastic. I held off on buying it because it didn't look like something I'd enjoy, but after watching a full play-through by Hannah of chapters one to three, and yet another play-through of chapter three, I was hooked. I realised, at that climatic moment in chapter three (we all know what I mean- the one by the side of the road) that I really and truly felt for these characters and I wanted the chance to make my own decisions and see how things would turn out.

I wanted to play like a bit of an jerk to be honest, but once I started I found I was taking in-game decisions seriously and my own personal choices won out (which means that yes, I did play like a jerk sometimes). You really do get pulled into the game, the relationships, and the action and despite seeing almost every major choice available (and hence knowing what was going to happen) I was riveted. I played it all over the course of four nights and I can't wait for the rest of it.

I haven't been so totally wowed by a game in a while, and I can't think of any narrative-driven story-based game I have enjoyed as much- ever. I am often quite critical of television/movie writing and most games don't even measure up to that but The Walking Dead game is both well written, and well acted. The Walking Dead will easily place in my top ten games of all time and considering I've been playing games for over thirty years, that's saying something. Well worth a look.


  1. Four nights? I finished every episode on the day I started it, in the same play session.

    My favorite so far was the third episode, because it had so many sudden and unexpected gut-wrenching moments. The second episode was predictable from the moment they got to the farm, and while still good, took away from the overall experience.

    If you have read the comics, episode 3 was a true return to the "idea" of TWD.

  2. Yea, limited play time at the moment otherwise I would have plowed through it in a day or so. The third episode definitely sold the game to me and I found the second, like you, pretty predictable.