Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Spring Cleaning Part II

This is getting embarrassing. I'm trolling through two hardrives now and finding games I've long ago forgot I even had. I opened up the dreaded 'Program Files' folder to find even more so the idea of doing this alphabetically is out the window. The first part is here, in case you're wondering why it's starting with #9.

9. Dead Space 2

I forgot I had this and can't remember much about it. I seem to recall being unable to kill the first boss so I gave up. It took more time uninstalling than I played it for due to some poxy authentication required to remove it from my own computer. That's some epic DRM bullshit.

10. Dawntide

This looked like a nice, indy crafting-focused sandbox MMO but they pulled the plug awhile ago due to lack of funds. Perhaps with Kickstarter we'll eventually see a revival.

11. Darkfall

This one was hiding in my Program Files folder. I liked it but the grind is a bit stupid really and I would argue it's not much of a sandbox if you're required to grind so you can do PVP. That's just a grindy PVP game imo.

11. Eve (Twice)

We all know my feelings about this game. I removed it. Twice. I forgot to delete it when I first had it a couple years ago.

12. Fort Zombie

Waaay back when there was, like, zero games focusing on zombies I got this one. All the reviews said it was buggy and rushed to release and you should avoid it. I should have listened.

13. Hearts of Iron III

I really liked HoI II so this one was a sure bet...except its so friggin hard I could never find the time to learn how to play.

14. Hegemony Gold

This game is set in an era I like and it looks pretty good but the real-time aspect of it means it's not in contention for being in my rotation.

15. I Shall Remain

Another contender for The Summer of Indie but this zombie survival top-down shooter just never appealed to me. Too much focus on waves of zombies and not enough on survival/management for my liking. A good play through here if you're interested.

16. Jagged Alliance Back in Action Demo

I have the actual game so the demo seems a bit pointless. Oh, and see below.

17.  Jagged Alliance Back in Action

For reasons discussed here. Oh, and the expansion is a huge disappointment from what I've read.

18. Saint's Row II

Well considering I have SR III there's no point keeping this one now is there? It was a buggy port anyway, unlike the current gem.

19. Total War Shogun II Demo

Hmmmmm...getting a strong feeling of deja vu here (see #16).

20. Total War Shogun II

The last couple offerings from the Total War series just haven't appealed to me. The settings just don't interest me in an historic sense so I'll patiently await Rome II.

I'm afraid that's not it, yet either. More to come.

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