Sunday, September 16, 2012

Spring Cleaning III

And here we go again with some more games I've cleaned from my hard-drive, never again to be revisited! Now if only I could stop adding to my collection while I'm doing this....

21. Dear Esther

Played it, liked it, but it's NOT a game. It's a stylized, visual short story.

22. Endless Space

Played a test copy of this (thanks guys) but didn't find it very compelling for a variety of reasons.

23. Fate of The World

Picked this card-game type offering a while ago and never really gave it a lot of time. Who has time to save the world anyway?

24. King Arthur II (demo)

Yet another demo of a game which I dismissed almost immediately but forgot to delete.

25. Rift

The great Rift fiasco is finally erased from my hardrive.

26. LA Noire

This was a fun game and I liked it a lot despite the terrible, almost unforgivable fact that it was painfully obvious from the very start who the baddie was. This made interrogating and jailing innocent people a bit of a chore for me and took away a lot of the enjoyment of the game.

27. Tropico 4 (Demo)

Didn't see a single thing in this demo that wasn't in Tropico 3, which I've already played past the point of wanting to do it again.

28. Tropico 3

Really liked this game and played it to death.

29. UFO Alien Invasion

Well worth a look, especially if you are eagerly awaiting the new X-Com and want something for free to tide you over.

30. Wurm Online

Alas, my beloved Wurm. I played this game for hundreds of hours and enjoyed it a lot. I can't bear the thought of going back to see all my hard work decayed and in ruin. So long beloved Venerable Horse, I'm glad you had a good virtual life.

31. X3 Terran Conflict

I never even made it out of the tutorial. I simply went off space games and never even gave this one a fair chance.

32. Red Orchestra II

Yea, simply not going back to this one as the amount of fun I've had in the brief time I've played it can be measured by...well, nothing since I never had any.

So after 32 deleted games, and three posts I'm sure you're quite sick of this and hoping I'm finally done. Unfortunately this is not to be so as I've got a few caverns in my hard-drive to explore, so we'll see you next time!


  1. I feel like Endless Space at least looks (per the Cynical Brit review I watched) to be the closest MoO2 successor I've yet still falls short in the way of weapon variation (all "bigger is better" instead of "weapons with intriguing effects") and trivialized, characterless diplomacy. Still, a far cry better than MoO3. Perhaps we're on the right track.

    I really enjoyed Dear Esther, and I understand you have to play through at least twice to fully appreciate it (each play through is significantly different, revealing different aspects of the story) but I've so far only played through it once.

  2. That's a LOT of cleaning man... My list is likely equally long... I just have serious denial issues...