Sunday, September 2, 2012

Red Orchestra II Revisited

With the 'Game of the Year' edition (who voted them that I wonder) released in an attempt to revive the title I thought I'd give Red Orchestra II another go. I was one of the fools people who pre-ordered it based on the hype and rabid fan base of the previous one. I was pretty dissapointed as it seemed to encapsulate everything I had alwasy feared Online First Person Shooters were like. Run, die, re-spawn, go back, get flamed for being a noob, get team-killed by an idiot, etc. The 'run and gun' style of these games and the consequence free dying always turned me off and I had assumed these games attracted a lot of savage idiots (was I wrong...hmmmm). I was hoping Red Orchestra II would be different, but as we all know it wasn't. The developers, I read somewhere, have apologized stating they got it wrong.

The new edition has a realistic mode (similar in play to the first game) and an arcade mode. Here's what happened when I played a realistic game.

Run from the spawn toward the enemy.
Get shot.
Re-spawn and run back.
Get shot.
Re-spawn and crawl cautiously forward.
Get shot.
Re-spawn and hang back to see what the hell is going on.
Get shot.
Re-spawn, wait for my team to deploy smoke. Creep cautiously forward.
Get shot.
Match ends.

All this without having seen one enemy or having fired one fecking shot. Bollocks to that, I thought, let's try arcade mode.

Spawn as a sniper and take position.
Get bored and move out.
Accidentally end up in a platoon full of enemy and start shooting them with my sniper rifle from less than 10 feet the back.
I get two kills and then the match ends.

Overall I'm not impressed with the game in either mode. Something about it just doesn't pull me in or make me care. It doesn't help that I'm a nub at shooters or that I have no idea what the goals of each map are. I still dislike the fact you can die without any consequence at all. For now I'll be sticking to World of Tanks as my shooter whenever I get the urge (which is not a lot lately) though I am beta-testing Heroes and Generals which is going to be a free-to-play WWII game featuring FPS and Tactical RTS style play. Interesting idea indeed- you can play any of the modes, or only the one that appeals to you. They seem to be adopting a World of Tanks style Free to Play model in that you can buy gold with cash for customizations and character slots, or you can take a bit longer and buy things using silver earned in-game. More on that one when I get some more time to check it out.

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