Monday, September 24, 2012

Fortuitous Friday: Where Does The Time Go?

It would appear that babies, in addition to everything else, have the power to open a time-space continuum to steal away whole chunks of your life. That's why I'm making my Friday post on Monday. At least I think it's Monday. Well I know for a fact it's not Friday because that is the only day I pay attention to. Not because I'm working and anxious for the weekend, mind you, but because that's the day our nappy service picks up our dirties and delivers the cleanies. Wait, is 'cleanie' a word and has my life really come down to measuring the passing weeks in terms of diapers? Hmmm.

Do you know what else babies do? They bring families together. Isn't that wonderful? Maybe it is, for you, if you had one of those t.v. families who loved and laughed, and after 30 minutes (22 minus ad breaks) realized some life affirming lesson. For those of us not related to the Cosby's things aren't necessarily so great.

While we're on this topic I have a fun fact for you: If you Google "My mother is crazy" you get 210,000,000 results. Yea, welcome to my weekend. It's times like these I remember a few of the reasons I loved living in Ireland so much. In fact, I can remember 6,000 of them: the miles between here and there. Meh, what can you do? I've got no problem with the actual mental health problems that my mother has, it's just her refusal to do anything to help herself that annoys me. I had really hoped the birth of her first (and likely only) grandchild would provide her with the impetus to make a few changes but alas, it seems like that won't happen.

Ah well an hour of two of Torchlight will help ease the stress.... that and some sleep. Teething baby + visiting mother = tired me.

Happy Friday Monday!

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