Friday, September 28, 2012

Fortuitous (Fishy) Friday: All About Aquariums

I don't post much about my fish because this is a gaming blog, not a fish blog. I do, however, talk about whatever the heck I like on Fridays so today is fish-centric. Today I am posting pictures to show the very talented artist who made my aquarium centerpieces how I have used them. I found him on Etsy and loved his work.

I worked as a Mayan Archaeologist for several years in Central America and of all the re-creations I've ever seen, his are absolutely the best. They are the first  Mayan artifact recreations I have ever purchased because most of the ones I have seen are cheap looking and not very representative of the real thing. The Parrot Tile that I bought (which he made especially for me after finding out I wanted it for my aquarium) is an authentic recreation of a Mayan glyph. The Mezcala fetishes pre-date the Maya and I know little about them. I did do a bit of research on the fetishes and they too are a spot-on recreation.

For the fishy-types in the crowd it is a 70-gallon tropical with both a canister filter and a hang-on-the back. I use Catappa leaves to create the yellow-ish look and a mix of bamboo (live and cane) to create the left-hand 'shore' area. The rocks to the right are river cobbles and Hawaiian slate. I have 6 Clown Loaches, 4 Yo-Yo Loaches, 3 Red-Eyed Tetras (7 more to follow), an Angelfish, a Blue Acara (or a giant Bolivian Ram- I'm not actually sure), and a Sailfin Pleco. I tried to re-create a river bank with the bank to the left and the 'deep end' on the right. I have two air-stones, a circulation pump, and both filters emptying out here to create a pretty good current while the 'shore' is quite calm.

The decorations Michael made are concrete and perfectly aquarium safe. I ran the aquarium prior to adding the fish to be extra sure and now, in total, they have been in for 8 weeks with no effect on my water chemistry. Thank you very much for these- they are fantastic and I think they look absolutely wonderful in my aquarium!

Happy Friday Everyone!

The tank is just under 4 feet long

These are the Mezcala Fetishes

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