Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beta Overload

It seems a bit funny to me that I keep getting into closed beta tests. Oh sure, I register but I never really think I'll get in. I've been looking at Heroes and Generals for a week or so, and then this weekend received two invites to some high-ish profile games I'm not especially interested in. Maybe I fit some sort of demographic they are interested in like 'fool with money whose only activity in life is gaming'. Yea, maybe they read that I dropped $500 on the 'free' game World of Tanks and they are thinking 'gosh, let's make idiots like that want to play our game.'

In reality it's likely luck-of-the-draw but one of them, with a NDA that forbids me from even saying I'm in the closed beta, is selling early access in exchange for cash. You know the deal- pre-order and  and you'll get into the beta. Normally I could care less about getting in for free but this time I feel genuinely bad that someone would like this game soooo much that they would pony up cash to get an early look at it while I was just handed a key. I can see why they don't want me saying I'm in the beta (for free) as it might irk the pay-to-testers.

I think that's a bit extreme though, don't you? What happens if you break the NDA anyway? Will they kick you out of testing? Will they prevent you from every playing? Can they sue you, and if so, would they? I'd like to be the guy checking the internet all day and combing You Tube videos to see if anyone is violating the terms of the NDA. That might be fun- kind of like a cyber cop for game companies.

To be fair I was pretty interested in that particular game before New Mouth To Feed was born and genuinely wanted to give it a go. It would be nice to be a part of the test but at the end of the day I just have enough energy to get an hour or two of gaming in and really don't have the time to learn a new online PVP game let alone properly comment on it and be a part of the forums. I usually play one or two battles in World Of Tanks (often on the test server ironically enough) and then something less taxing.

I've just completed The Walking Dead and will be posting my thoughts on that fairly soon... or so I hope. Gnomoria continues to feature almost daily and every Tuesday a new build is usually released. The developer seems to be alternating one week new features, one week bug squashes which is great. I've been combing through my hard drives for my Spring Cleaning feature (yes I am aware it's actually fall) and re-discovered discovered Panzer Corps which is perfect for me at the moment (turn based tactics). I've sorted my gaming schedule with Torchlight II coming next week, followed by X-Com, and then Hitman in roughly four week intervals. I'm taking a step back from online games only because.... well, because they are filled with other people and that often puts me off :)

I'm sure I'll be back someday- I'm pretty interested in War Z, for instance, so we'll see what happens. At the moment New Mouth To Feed is mine to watch over from 9pm to about midnight and she sleeps right on top the computer desk which makes screaming 'Push you fucking noob!' quite impossible for the time being so I'll keep it to single-player games for a bit along with You Tube videos. Speaking of copyright issues how the heck can people get away with posting entire movies? I'm grateful, don't get me wrong, but I posted a 10-second clip of Family Guy and got flagged immediately. Ahh well, suits me fine- I'm off to watch Black Hawk Down!

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