Wednesday, August 22, 2012

World of Tanks Goes Airborne. Physics Preview

The World of Tanks physics test server is now live and I had a chance to jump on last night for some air-born fun. They've also re-vamped the graphics and they look really, really good. I've played on every public test server and this is the worst for lag so be warned if you decide to give it a try. Also note you don't have to 'register' for these tests.They take a snap-shot of accounts a week or so prior so as long as you had a WoT account then you can download the 2-gig patch and play.

EDIT: I've just seen that they have stopped the test and it "won't be re-enabled until further notice". Yay, we broke it!

So far I have been unable to get FRAPS to work in-game, so unfortunately there is no game-play video.....from me. I have managed to find one on You Tube, however, so I'll post that at the end.

I only played for about a half hour before the server went down for maintenance so these are just some initial thoughts.

You can not only drive your tank off of cliffs, and bridges, or better yet bully smaller tanks by knocking them about like bowling pins (the enemy, or your own team mates as I found out in my Chaffee) but you can drive through, or over, previously inaccessible terrain. It really will change the way the game is played as new areas open up in terms of access and strategic importance. My initial reaction to this, my 'gut feeling' is that even though the community in general seems excited, these changes will alter the game so significantly that it may no longer appeal to a great many of us.

It is a step forward in 'realism' even though the game is, at best, only semi-realistic. I welcome the ability to push smaller tanks around, or better yet, off a bridge, but I think the ability to drive anywhere is going to take the game in a 'run and gun' direction that is contrary to what WoT currently is. We have now, for better or worse, a slower-paced tactical game where positioning and a strategic knowledge of the map makes a big difference in game play. The new engine is going to change that dramatically and I'm not sure that patient, tactical play will be the way forward anymore. There will also be areas of the map inaccessible to larger tanks so there is nothing stopping smaller tanks from hiding away in un-reachable corners of the map just to be annoying. I am an eternal pessimist, however, so I could be wrong, but I did predict the T50-2 would be an over-powered pain-in-the-ass, and that the new game modes would fail as players wouldn't be able to learn to co-operate in the average random group so we shall see!

In any case, in terms of the game-play I saw a lot of T50-2's and AMX's diving off bridges (as they are supposed to in this test) and, after repairing their tracks, driving off. I am assuming the damage model will be adjusted to make this impossible in the live version but it is very disconcerting. Any tank falling from a suspended bridge to the ground should be inoperable and knocked out, even in a game which is only semi-realistic. Anything else is utter crap. I got pushed around by team mates in my Chaffee as now the slightest bump from one of the big boys sends me spinning off. They've also adjusted the sounds, and I find them quite tinny and annoying, but as I said, it looks spectacular. In any case take a look at the video I'm posting from Darque (with thanks). He dives off a cliff, as you'll see, fixes his tracks, and off he goes.

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