Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Summer of Indie: Chivalry, Medieval Warfare

Thanks to the guys at Violent Gamer (who also turned me on to Gnomoria and keep tantalizing me with new games they review every week) I have taken a long look at Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. This game is currently under development, but is almost ready for release. The current Kickstarter, as I understand it, is going to be used for marketing the game rather than development per se. They have been working on it for over two years and it looks pretty damn awesome if you ask me. On top of it, the lead designer is Canadian so I can't help but get involved in this one. I've yet to determine what my 'donation' (which actually gets you the game so not so much a donation as a pre-order) will be. $25 gets you the game, $50 the game plus beta access, and $75 gets you four copies of the game, plus beta access for all of them.

The lads at Violent Gamer did a nice summary of the game and I'm also linking the developer videos, so I'll be brief: It's first person, player-vs-player medieval war where your play-style is determined by the weapon you choose to use. Plain and simple. My favorite quote from the developer is that if you choose to use close-range melee weapons you will have to get in there and "go berserker on people's faces". Nice. They also note that 'objective taking' will be more than raising a flag. You are a medieval army and will behave as such, damnit, so set about to the slaughter of those villagers immediately!

Here is the kickstarter video:

It's not an MMO, so once you buy it there are no more fees. Also very nice. Here is an earlier You Tube video they have done as well. I recomend you check this one out if you like, say, Mount and Blade, or are looking for something different in your FPS 'shooter' games. Plus they're Canadian so you know they will be nice guys ;)


  1. Very nice. I also like your posts on Gnomoria, Project Zomboid and Xenonauts. They are all pretty interesting and enjoyable games, but they are very indie so it is pretty tough to figure out when might release.

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by! Yea, it's tough to say when they will get released but Zomboid appears to be trying to get on steam so hopefully soon. Gnomoria is very active in releasing patches (almost weekly atm) but that, of course, doesn't mean its near release. I still play it a couple hours a day so I think it's the best value for money I've seen in a long time!

    Xenonauts, I'm afraid, will be in some trouble if it tries to release after the new X-Com as I just don't see that it offers anything different from it.

    1. Xenonauts definitely offers something different from the new X-Com, but it isn't nearly as attractive as the new X-com. They definitely stayed true to the formula with Xenonauts and fans of the original games will likely enjoy that, but only if they liked that original formula a lot and don't mind playing it through again. The new X-Com on the other hand has a lot of different ideas that could turn out to be really enjoyable.