Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gnomoria: That Golbin is Hard, He is

I'm planning on a series of Gnomoria posts when I can find the time and energy. I really don't know how anyone handles a baby by themselves. There are two of use here, full time, and we never seem to catch up on anything.

In any case, check out this Goblin raider who ran the gauntlet of doom to get to my Kingdom entrance. After walking through a ton of spike and blade traps (seen as the orange things to the right of the pop-up box) he was bleeding, missing a leg, and near death. Did he give up? Did he retreat? Hell no! That determined little bugger picked up his own leg and came at my guards.

That's one hell of a hard Goblin, boy. Must be from the Kingdom of East London.

You could say the Goblin's are my nemesis.

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