Monday, August 6, 2012

Addicted To Gaming

Hi, my name is Gankalicious and I'm addicted to games. No, really. I think I may have a problem. No, not really, but it is a nice way to introduce this post so I ran with it. I do, however, play a lot of games. It's what I do, hence the blog. As I am home currently with New Mouth to Feed I am averaging around 4-10 hours of gaming per day. Yea, I said it was what I do, and I wasn't kidding!

You would think with all that time I'd eventually manage to finish one or two (or perhaps ten) of the games I currently have on the go. As a fan of sandbox gaming there are a lot of games that never finish (Gnomoria, Cities XL) but I do have a few titles that could be completed.... if I could stay on track (see last weeks post about that particular problem). I do seem to have a problem staying with any one game which leads me to believe I may be addicted to new things, rather than games. There are times when I play a game just long enough to find out that I like it, or that I am good at it, and then move on. It's ridiculous really.

With that in mind I've abandoned all the games I have started recently and finally, finally double-clicked the Skyrim icon which has been so very, very lonely for so very, very long. I may be the last person who is interested in fantasy games to finally try this one. I played Daggerfall to death when it was first released but haven't touched the series since then. I look back on the 'interested in fantasy games' statement and realize I have to clarify. I don't actually know if I am interested in fantasy role playing anymore. There was a time when Fantasy was all I'd read and featured heavily in the games I played. In the last 10 years that interest has faded and Skyrim is the first Fantasy role-playing game I've played in that time.

I no longer read Fantasy fiction either. I think I got burned out, and to be fair, they keep telling the same bloody story over, and over, and over again. It's a bit sickening really. What's that, I'm a poor peasant whose village is overrun only to find I'm actually a hero, or the long-lost second cousin of the current King? It's boring, quite frankly, and in a genre in which ANYTHING should be possible (hence 'fantasy') I found it has become quite generic and predictable with a few notable exceptions. Case in point is the Game of Thrones books (now an HBO series) which are, in the end, like everything else that has come before it (or will follow). By the time I'd finished the third book I wanted to reach in and kill many of the characters who hadn't yet died. A high body-count is the series's saving grace as had half of those whiny bastards lived I'd not have made it past half way through the second book.

Realistically I'm never going to get anywhere near finishing Skyrim. Instead of playing it like I should, like someone who cares about what happens, I may go the opposite way for some fun and steal and kill until someone finally puts me in jail, or kills me. If that's possible, which I don't think is. In one of my first acts I went into the local inn and started a whole-sale slaughter. I kept getting killed by the Tavern-woman (she's nasty with that knife) only to find myself 're-born' at the front door like nothing every happened.......... Maybe I have to try harder to get arrested or killed, or maybe this game, like the genre itself, is afraid to take any chances and offer the reader/player anything new or unexpected. Every time I start killing the locals gathered there I hear some-one yell 'Someone should do something' and I agree. Someone should make some bloody fantasy that's interesting. It would certainly save me from having to watch Spartacus for my late-night entertainment.

Oh yes, and sorry for the week-long break. Family, real life, new baby, blah, blah, blah. Back on track now (I hope).


  1. I'm pretty sure you are getting killed, at which point the game loads the most recent save (at the door, seeing as it auto-saves whenever you transition between areas). Not sure if you can turn that off for a hardcore permadeath mode; probably wouldn't be a good idea if I tried that after my most recent Glorious Triumph, killing a load of bandits and their chief, then hitting the wrong key and jumping off a bridge to inevitable death below...

  2. Yea, staying alive is always good in the end... Now experimenting with the crime and punishment system :)