Thursday, July 12, 2012

World of Tanks: I Said It, Damnit. The New Game Modes Suck.

Yea, I did say it in this post, and at 5:00 into this video the top dude from World of Tanks says it too: the new modes suck in random matches because the average player is an idiot. To be more fair, it's nigh on impossible to develop a coordinated attack amongst 15 strangers who are not in voice communication with each other. As the over-dramatic voice-over says:

" can't see these tactics in random games because the average players don't always work as a team". 

Really... you don't say? They could save a lot of time and energy if they'd only listen to me, or at least let me do the voice over so I can clarify what they are really saying. I could also help out with the grammatical errors (it's "the average player doesn't always...", or alternatively, "average players don't always".)  In fact, let me re-post what I said as they obviously missed it the first time.:

Picture 15 random people of differing skills, with differing tanks, without the means to verbally communicate, plan, or organize, and add the fact many of them do not understand the goals of the new game mode. Pit them against 15 similar individuals with similar problems. Turn them loose and guess what happens. Chaos. Absolute chaos.

Yea, take that! I love being right, and it only took me a handful of matches to figure that out. So long Assault mode, and thank God. I was still seeing people flanking the old enemy base on assault mode when they were meant to be defending for crying out loud (in case you haven't seen the new maps, the old bases aren't even there). They are also going to be adding a choice to the battle section so that 'everyone can choose their favorite game mode' which roughly translates to: 'so all you fucking idiots who can't figure out the new modes can bash into each other in the regular mode'. It's kind of like a 'special class' for random pubbies. I wonder if they get bused in on a short tank?

I also like the comment 'because the random players weren't devising any tactics for these maps'. Shit, that sounds like 99% of the random games I play as it is, never mind with some actual (gasp) goals to achieve. I'd like to suggest a new game mode that most of the playing population would probably understand and like. I call it 'Face Off'. We all start off 10 feet from one another in an enclosed room with no engines and when the timer goes we start shooting. Wheeee! What fun.

As for the introduction of upper tier mediums and tank destroyers, I really don't have much of an opinion. I rarely run anything past tier VIII anymore as the income loss with Tier IX mediums and heavies, and the lack of a real role for TD's in pub matches sees my top tanks sidelined. In fact, I sold my top German Medium (E50) after less than a 100 matches and put my crew into the VK3601 for luls (and the fact that tank is used in Tank Companies at the moment). Unless they are going to overhaul the crappy economic system, count me out, and while I'm at it, what would the freaking point of a Tier 8 or 9 medium be when they will be in the same matches as the 10 and won't the Heavy Tanks still rule the field? Bah, never mind I'm just cranky now.

Toward the end of the video they say they will not be adding an option to turn off in-game chat which I think is pretty stupid. What's the difference, if no one is communicating and planning tactics anyway? 90% of the time I could do without what's being typed there and to refuse to allow us the option of turning it off is just plain arrogance. Instead they are going to add some kind of 8-petal flower-based communication thing to the center of my screen. Oh boy, can't wait for that. Soon I'll have all the stupider players in here with, their brown furrowed in frustration in a vain attempt to understand this, as they did the new game modes. Remember that because you heard it here first.

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