Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Summer Of Indie

I like Summer themes even though I rarely have one, and when I do, I rarely stick to it. Kind of pointless overall, really, but there you go. It all goes back to the Summer of Cider where I (much to She Who Will Be Named Later's disgust) decided that I would drink nothing but cheap cider. In public. Often. I also took to wearing 'wife beaters' and sitting on the stoop of whatever house I was living in. We moved a lot that summer, due to work, so there were plenty of new neighbors to 'impress' with my cider-drinking. For those outside of Europe, cider drinking white guys with wife-beaters are often thought of as 'white trash'. I know, I know, you like cider, and I can't help but laugh when I see you paying $10 for a pint of imported Strongbow because you think it's exotic.

In any case, my gaming theme for the summer seems to be Indie as I am discovering a lot of indie games. I could have picked a few themes for the summer, really, as I've been devouring games like Galactus devours worlds. I have over a dozen games added to my quite sizable collection in the last week alone. If that wasn't enough, I have taken to watching game-plays on You Tube. I have no idea why but I've become quite addicted to these. It started with some World of Tanks videos by DezGamez, and then spread from there. It reminds me of the 'old days' when my mate and I would have to share a single computer, and I would watch him play for hours.

I've been very immersed in games, then, as I don't leave the house much due to New Mouth To Feed being a mini-anchor (she might as well be made of lead), and the fact I have a grand total of 0 friends in this city (que the violins). As with other things in my life I tend to go on tangents and by the time I'm done I have a handful of new games to play. Case in point- I watched a video on the upcoming X-Com remake (I literally can't wait for this one). This lead me to the open-source game UFO- Alien Invasion. I then discovered Xenonauts (boy them must be pissed that Firaxis decided to release the new Xcom now). I then started to wonder how the new Jagged Alliance was (as it too is a squad-based game, and I was a huge fan of the 2nd installment) so I watched some game-play of it. I then decided I should maybe check it out and.... well, you get the idea.

I have a ton of new games to post about, then, but I have to play them long enough to have something worth saying.....hmmm, with that I'm off to hopefully start playing, although one of my favorite You Tube channels, Nerd3 (he's very, very funny) is doing a play-though of Spore, and I've always been interested in that.

Until then, here's the X-Com in-game footage video released by the devs.

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