Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Steam Damage

Though I run the risk of looking like a copy-cat by posting this today, I wanted to run through the Steam Sale damage to my wallet. I'll use the 'great minds think alike' defence on this one!

I started out morally opposed to Steam. No, in fact  I was absolutely outraged that games would make me log into a third party client, and the internet, just to play. I had bought some games on Direct to Drive (Pirates!) but they didn't require a log-in or the internet for you to access your game. As time went by I forgot my Steam rage (so many other things to rage against I often neglect some) and this is the first time I paid attention to the sale.

Maybe it was because I am home 24-7 with New Mouth To Feed which gives me more time to play, and piss about on the internet as she rocks beside me, or when she deigns to sleep. Or maybe, more realistically, it's because I'm a massive game addict, but whatever the case I was sucked into the Steam sale and found myself checking every few hours to see what was new on the flash sales. In the end I was strong and limited my purchases to a few titles I had wanted for quite some time but just wasn't willing to pay for, and couldn't manage to pirate (did I say that out loud?).

1. Saints Row The Third

Been wanting this one for some time and 32ndlaw's Saint's row posts only made me yearn more. I added two DLC's with my buy (Money Shot and Combat Vehicles thingy) and I am not disappointing. Good, mindless fun and a character creator that lets me, essentially, run around with a naked hooker killing people. Who could ask for more?

My initial character, and then I realized I look at a fat, bald, white guy every day in the mirror....

...and realized this would be more fun to look at.

Nothing says fun like a giant, purple dildo.

2. Jagged Alliance Back in Action. I loved JA2 but heard terrible things about this one. I even tried the demo and initially hated it. I was wrong and am happy to say it's not at all bad. I will be posting on this one later.

3. Spore. I had wondered about this game for ages, and this video series (and the $10 price tag) finally convinced me to give it a go. Good fun so far.

4. Dear Esther. $2.50 for a game I wanted on release was too good to resist. 'Game' is a bit of a stretch really, but it was interesting.

And that's it! I really held back, let me tell you. Like others whose blogs I read, the back-list of games in my hard drive, rather than monetary considerations, held me to these few. Now to get playing!

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  1. About time you got canonized! SR3 is the most screen shot friendly game ever made for . I totally missed the Spore sell I probably would have picked it up too.