Monday, July 9, 2012

It's Time For A Change

It's time for a change, or rather, more accurately, it's time to acknowledge that a change has taken place. For some time now I have had very little to no interest in MMOs. I think the breaking point for me, or the realization at least that the virtual gaming worlds I had once inhabited no longer held me fast was the launch of Rift. I purchased the pre-release and six months of game time but never played a single day past the beta preview weekend. Well, lets be honest, it was less beta and more marketing technique but in any case it was my last attempt at a traditional MMO.

Now the regular crowd of lads who join me here for virtual pints will note I played a lot of Wurm, and with over 7000 World of Tanks battles logged it would be fair to say I've played it a fair bit as well. Wurm was, for me, a solo endeavor, and WoT is a lobby-based tactical shooter as opposed to full-on MMO in the traditional sense. I've been slowly but surely returning to regular PC gaming for.some time. Now that my WoT battles are limited to a few pub matches whenever She Who Will Be Named Later takes New Mouth To Feed out of the house, non persistent game worlds are my mainstay.

World of Tanks is, by the way, getting more and more frustrating. I may be reaching burn-out with this one which, and should I stop all-together, that would bring my grand total of online games to Zero. Even the soon-to-be-released, next-big-thing, Guild Wars 2, is failing to raise any interest which is, for me, quite massive (pardon the pun). Guild Wars was my first MMO and I played it to death. I would have thought a follow-up would have me drooling for more, but it does not. Which brings me to the point (finally). I'm not much of an online gamer so my tagline 'Online Altoholic' seems a bit dated. The blog content won't change, but I'll be making some cosmetic adjustments over the next week which will reflect what I'm up to. I am playing a ton of games at the moment (especially indie-games) so I'll continue to babble on, as always about all things gaming. Thanks for dropping by. It's always nice to see your smiling virtual faces...... or at least know you're there by my stats page!


  1. I am finding it more difficult to inhabit virtual worlds, when the real one is full of so much new life - if that makes sense. I suppose that is what I like currently about WoT - it is wonderfully casual in a way EVE isn't.

  2. Yes, that does make sense. Casual, or single player is the way to go for the next little while for me. After playing EVE I would agree that it's not casual!