Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gnomoria: Did I Mention It's Alpha?

2012-10-01 Edit: This bug is fixed.

Just a quick post to remind anyone who tries Gnomoria on the strength of what I have to say about it that it is in Alpha. This means there are bugs, and while the game is very, very playable, and I am enjoying it immensely there are some minor problems. Remember that F4 (save) is your friend and beware that there is a corrupt save file bug that may ruin ALL your hard work. There is a backup utility available, or you can back up your own save file (found in My Documents\My Games\Gnomoria\) every season or so.

I lost my current game at Year 3, Day 8 which is when another user reported losing theirs to the same bug after some problems with a wayward Emu. In a dazzling display of rareness, I am looking at the positive aspect of this in that I get to start again. That must be a testament to the fun-factor of this game!

And I had just finished some of my planned renovations :(

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