Friday, July 13, 2012

Fortuitous Friday: Going Home

Have you ever met someone, or been someplace that just really clicked with you?  I was lucky enough to find both when I moved to Ireland in 2003. I got a job working for a friend of a friend (isn't that always the way, so) and ended up working in Dublin where, unbeknown to me my future wife (originally from Wales) was as well. She was working for the same person and he became a great friend to us both. So much so that we invited him to our wedding. Which is where he met a long-time friend of She Who Will Be Named Later, and now they, in turn, are getting married. And so I am going home.

Why Ireland feels like home is complicated, and not something I want to blog about here, but it is nice to be planning a trip back. I've missed it a lot in the four years that I've been away. The wedding, which is sounding like a script from the writers of Four Weddings and a Funeral, will see a lot of good friends re-united.

Plans are still in the works but at the moment it looks like we will be flying into London, then off to Belfast for the wedding. After that I will be heading home to the South passing through Dublin, and Waterford on my way to see friends in Cork. I consider myself a Wateford man, having lived there for three of my five years in Ireland (Up the Deise!), so I will be driving through the county to see as many of my favorite places and pubs (often one in the same) as possible. In Dublin I have to find time to fit in The Cobblestone, The Stag's Head, The Long Hall, Kehoes, and Ryan's (up near Heuston Station). It will be an exhausting endeavor but one I am convinced I'm up for!

Happy Friday Everyone!

How I saw most of Ireland.
And how it looked when I was done with it.
How I spent my last day there.

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