Friday, July 27, 2012

Fortuitous Friday: What The Dog Ate, Part III

With the arrival of New Mouth To Feed, who has almost doubled he weight in two months (making her aptly named here), we have been tired, and distracted. Our faithful, crafty Lurcher, The Sultan of Smart, has used this opportunity to add to his growing list of things eaten. Not much of a post today, I'm afraid. I'm off to walk said dog now, and hang out in the garden with some beer. Usually, in these cases, there isn't any evidence to photograph, but this time I was lucky enough (unlucky from his point of view) to catch him in the act.

Butter tops his list of things snatched with this being his third, albeit foiled this time (pun intended), pack of butter.

1. A plastic bag.
2. A dead pigeon (swallowed whole, with feathers) off the road.
3. The same dead pigeon, off the same road, seconds after he regurgitated it.
4. An entire raw pheasant meant for Christmas dinner.
5. One pound of butter, foil included.
6. Ibid, separate occasion.
7. Own faeces following consumption of butter, above.
8. Butter and most of a plastic container, separate occasion.
9. Human faeces encountered in woods on walk (thank you Travellers).
10. Ibid, different woods.
11. 7kg bag dog food (partial).
12. Mouldy loaves of bread thrown on beach for gulls.
13. Perfectly good loaves of bread taken from counter.
14. Human vomit, sidewalk outside pub.
15. Bird food, fallen from feeder in yard.
16. Cat food, unguarded, while visiting family.
17. Mouldy bones in yard buried by previous dog the summer before.
18. 15kg bag, dog food (partial).
19. Plastic lid (partial) off garbage can.
20. Chicken carcass (entire) from garbage can, above.
21. Christmas Cake (documented here).
22. 48 Jaffa Cakes.
23. Half Bar, JD Grossman 46% Chocolate.
24. Plastic Tub of Tropical Fish Food.
25. Lunch Bag/Cooler (Straps and Zipper).
26. Tuna Sandwich, unguarded (sitting on kitchen counter).
27. Pound of butter, portion of.
28. Very Berry Booster Juice Smoothie, including Styrofoam cup.

The Sultan of Smart looks decidedly UN-repentant

While the Duchess of Dumb has cowering down to an art form. This one is literally scared of her own shadow. She scared herself by stepping on a stick while out on our walk. True story.

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