Monday, July 30, 2012

Distracted Gaming

I often appear, to the outside observer (and especially She Who Will Be Named Later), to be quite distract-able and unable to stay on task. The problem is not a lack of attention, I feel, but is the result of my obsessiveness, combined with a tendency to get bored quickly. This gives the appearance that I am easily distracted. Let me give you an example.

On Saturdays I have taken to searching for new games. Never mind the fact that I have a dozen or so currently in my hard-drive awaiting play, I continue to search for more. The same inner drive that leads me to being an alto-holic in MMO's keeps me searching for a heart of, wait, that's an old song that popped into my head. Oh, bugger. Maybe this whole post is bollocks as I've obviously been, in the space of two paragraphs, distracted from my point. So much for that then. I'll start again:

In addition to being a bit obsessive, and easily bored, I am also easily distracted. Pull out a shiny bauble and I'm done for. On Saturday I started to look at new-ish games on the market and started to wonder about Diable III. There was a lot of backlash against the forced, always-on, required internet connection but how did it play? I watched a few play-throughs but nothing tempted me enough to even to begin to want to pay full price for it. Like millions of others, I loved Diablo II and it remains one of the very few games (less than 10 I'd say) that I've actually managed to play all the way through. I played the crap out of that game and remember bringing into work on my laptop so I didn't have to stop gaming (remember I did say I was obsessive).

Now all that got me wondering about Torchlight, as I have noted Torchlight II is going to be released. I had never heard of Torchlight (shame on me) before the Steam Sale (and nor did I buy it then when it was cheap) even though it is an obvious Diablo II clone- and a fun one at that. How long it manages to keep my attention is another matter. I direct you to the theme of this post......

So I am distracted lately in terms of my gaming. I have played so many games in the last month that I am falling far, far behind on posting about them. It's getting so bad that I am forgetting what it was I wanted to say about them and am having to go back and play them again, which distracts me from getting new games, or indeed, playing the ones in my 'Current Games' folder which mocks me from my desktop. Off the top of my head, here are some games I have tried, or am playing and would like to post on:

Project Zomboid
UFO: Alien Invasion
The Dream Machine
Jagged Allliance
Silent Storm II
Torchlight\Real Warfare: Northern Crusades

Not to mention the games I own that I just want to play, and never mind the blogging, such as  Skyrim (yes I still haven't tried it), World of Tanks, Shogun II, Saint's Row III (though I am playing this quite a bit), Civ V, Spore, and Crusader Kings II. In addition to that I am also watching a couple You Tube series of games I'm never going to play but would like to see (Day Z, Max Payne 3, and whatever Nerd3's daily post is about). Sheesh, game much?

That's the problem with staying at home from work with an obsessive like me. Without something to focus on I'm all over the map, though you could argue that my focus is games.... lots, and lots of games. Well, on the bright side you're likely to get a snapshot of a lot of games over the next few months, and maybe an introduction to some you've never heard of and that will make it into your gaming library.

Oh, ya and on top of all that there's meant to be a baby around here somewhere I'm supposed to be watching.....hmmmm....I gotta go!

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