Thursday, July 5, 2012

Copyright My Middle Finger

Can I just say, brilliant, and Fuck You Steam.

I have been waiting for this ever since I bought a copy of Total War off ebay once only to find that you couldn't re-activate a used game on Steam. What kind of bullshit is that? How long did they think this fleecing could continue unabated?

Okay, let me back up a bit. I remember buying PC games for $50 -$70 which was, and still is too much. That price stayed constant for years and the excuse we heard back was that piracy was keeping costs up. Back then it was the dual hard-drives 'killing the industry'. Shit, I remember my Dad pirating Pirates with some kind of wire hook-up between two drives. It took hours and I refuse to believe it was the cause of a lot of lost sales. Anyhoooooo, that's probably not helping me make my point is it? Well, regardless, I did re-buy Priates several times over the years so, ahem, lets move on.

Then they said hardrives were killing the industry because all the big bad priates were copying them, and that's why game prices stayed high. Then it was the internet. They eventually rigged it so that we couldn't even bloody well own a PRODUCT that we paid for. That's right, its as product. Get over it. We do not rent from you so stick your EULA up your hard drive. We own you!

I've never liked my single-player PC games being dependent on my internet connection. That may be old fashion, but I like to have access to stuff I own whenever I want it. On however many machines I want and then to sell it on when I am done with it. We are consumers buying a product and we have the right to re-sell said product if we like. End of. Now lets see some changes to those phony EULA's 'cause I may be ready to sell my World Of Tanks account!

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