Monday, June 4, 2012

World of Tanks 7.4 Test. Be Careful What You Wish For

I will admit I'm not very excited about this patch- despite whining for quite some time about wanting new game modes. French tanks don't interest me much and the new game modes are turning out to be a bit of a cluster.....well, you get the idea.

Picture 15 random people of differing skills, with differing tanks, without the means to verbally communicate, plan, or organize, and add the fact many of them do not understand the goals of the new game mode. Pit them against 15 similar individuals with similar problems. Turn them loose and guess what happens. Chaos. Absolute chaos.

 I'm sure, given time, people will figure it out but holy crap it's a bit crazy at the moment. The goals aren't really made clear during the beginning of the matches and at times I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be defending the base, or capturing it and judging by the results, nor was anyone else. I so wanted new game modes but now I'm having second thoughts. Thinking of the 'assault base or destroy all enemy' I can see some potential for griefing here. Maybe it's the way my brain thinks, but if your team tanks badly (hehe, pun intended) and you, as the attacker, decide to just hide out somewhere the other team is screwed unless they find you or wait out the timer. Or maybe I have that wrong and the defender can win by capping their own base. I'm really not sure, and to be honest, too lazy to read up on it in the forums.

I also tried the new IS6 and it sucks. Badly. Prices are subject to change, of course, but at 11,500 gold it is one to avoid. It's not even a 'watered down IS3' which some people are claiming. I love the IS3 and this tank is nothing like it. It doesn't have the pike nose for starters, and the armor is worse than the KV-13 which is a tier below it, and a medium to boot. It is sluggish, slow, and the gun shoots plastic bullets (or so it seems). I'm sure a buff is coming in the next test patch but as it stands it's a leaver. The credit income didn't seem so great (I earn more in my Type 59) so what's the point? By all accounts the new premium Jag sucks as well. Poor camo value, large profile, no speed, and a gun that can't pen anything tier 9+. Hooray.


I jumped into the French TD line at tier 7 and so far it's okay. I mean, it's a TD.... what can I say? They all play basically the same way so the subtle differences are in the eye of the beholder. I like that they are quick-ish with decent armor, and they can traverse well. The guns are very accurate. No auto-loaders (drums), thank god.

Just another TD...that's all folks.

The French arty is a fucking joke at the moment (damn, wanted to try this post without swearing) and not in the usual 'OMG arty is OP' kind of moaning that dominates the arty-complaint threads. I've been griefed by the Bat Chat arty (top French arty) several times. They can reach 61 kph so a lot of guys are running around derping the shit out of whoever they can. It is kind of funny to see arty out-running T-50's but ultimately the jokes on the game as any sense of tactics and realism is getting thrown out in favor of fast, 'exciting' play. I really believe the French tanks are ruining the game so I'm trying lately to stick to Tank Companies where the French are not used and proper tactics with solid tanks are still the order of the day.

It's essentially a fast moving, slow firing TD. Note the accuracy. Did I mention it has a turret?


  1. Huh, the French ruining stuff again eh?

    I'm still stumped as to why the French lines are in there at all, let alone before the British. I'm not after a detailed sim or anything and I don't really mind the 'exotic' prototypes/designs and post-war stuff in IX or X, but the French are entirely post-war from V or VI, it takes away the WWII flavour a bit. Hey ho.

    Hopefully the new game modes will settle down a bit once people figure out what's going on; I was going to say communication is even more difficult on the Euro servers when, chances are, most of the team speak different languages, but I bet the only difference is whether people can't understand what you type, or understand it perfectly and completely ignore it...

  2. Yes, that is always a problem. People want to do their own thing no matter what common sense might indicate. Lemming trains, open flanks, heavies camping base, etc...... The French tanks are really making me quite angry lately. I dislike the look of them immensely and they really alter the game-play quite a bit. It's not a 'deal breaker' but as you say I think it was a poor decision to include the French before the British.

    I think they thought the French would be fast and fun, and would keep people interested until they could get some new game modes out. It's curious they seem to be introducing faster and faster tanks yet few mediums and lights are used in Tank Companies and Clan Wars where the game is a bit more 'serious' (tactical).

    I've about given up on end-game mediums and TD's as they are turning into curios rather than useful, fun tanks in pub matches or elsewhere.