Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Salem MMO. Better Late Than Never...?

I finally received a beta invite to Salem, the perma-death sandbox which calls itself The Crafting MMO. Now is about the worst time to try and play as a perma-death MMO is not the place you want to be while only having one hand free, now is it? Other than 'roll' my toon (Gankalicious of course) and run about in the starting square, I've not seen much of it.

Thanks to She Who Will Be Named Later insisting that life should resume to something resembling normalcy, I had a couple hours to myself this afternoon when she left the house (I know, crazy, I have no idea why anyone ever leaves their house) to log into World Of Tanks.... only to find that 7.4 has released and thus had to spend precious time patching. In the end I only managed three battles before I had to log. Grrrr. Poxy baby.

Civ V: Gods and Kings has almost literally been running on my system 24 hours a day as I never know when I'll have to sit and rock New Mouth To Feed for an hour or so (which I do in front of the computer). Conversely I'll often be playing when she nods odd and I'll flop over to the sofa behind me for a bit of a kip while leaving the game on. I'm gonna have to turn the hex-feature off the main map as I'm starting to see hexes on my own lawn when I take the dogs out for fresh-air breaks!

And you thought I was kidding.


  1. It should only take about a year until you get your full desk back. One handed for the win !

  2. lol! What can I say, I'm a minimalist.

  3. So Civ V:G&K is keeping your interest then? :) I'd like to hear more about Salem too!

  4. @32ndlaw- Yes, God and Kings is keeping me very interested. The new features are quite interesting. So far the biggest change is the ability to take cities with Ships...possibly 'OP' if I can say that about a single-player game. Hoping to post on that after I try a few things out.

    No time for Salem atm unfortunately :(