Friday, June 8, 2012

Fortuitious Friday: WTB- Sleep and/or Silence

Just a quick post to let my (probable) legions of fans and virtual friends know that I am not dead. Tired, yes, but not dead. Due to the fact that I was not born with the right kind of equipment for feeding babies I am getting more sleep than She Who Will Be Named Later  but there is still a noticeable deficieny. The Mother In Law is nearing the end of a three-week visit that has presented its own unique, tiring challenges in addition to the New Mouth To Feed.

It's times like these, when I'm surrounded by family and inlaws, and basking in the glow of familial love, acceptance, and understanding that remind me why I didn't marry until I was 36 and put off having children until I was 42. It's a lot of work for a hardcore introvert, and much like the general chat window of an MMO there are a lot of stupid questions, pointless observations, meaningless babble, and handfulls of out-dated advice. Unlike the genearl chat window, however, I can't minimize it, nor can I put a sticky-note over it. People get so upset when you try to tape their mouths while they are talking :)

Happy Friday Everyone!