Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fortuitious Friday: One Handed Gaming

Yes I do know it's not Friday but time has lost all meaning for me at the moment. I'm breaking from my Friday tradition of talking about my real life by sticking to the topic of gaming. If you read me regularly, you won't have been lately as I've not had the energy to post. If you know what Baby Colic is, you'll forgive me. If not, pray you never do and if you are without children I urge you to get sterilized. Immediately. It's a living hell.

In my effort to find things I can do with one hand (use your imagination as to why) I have returned to Civ V which I purchased a while ago in a steam sale. I have actively spoken out against this installment as I felt it was a step back from the series which I feel peaked at Civ III. Turn-based games are a rarity now-a-days and I really and truly do need something I can play one-handed for hours at a time (while rocking a screaming baby). I decided I would put aside all my previous reservations about the game, ignore the previous versions and just play it as it was.

The result, I am happy to say, has been positive. I find it addicting and challenging. It certainly helps it is one of the only turn-based strategy games on the market (that's not outdated) and the fact I am sleep-deprived and unable to explore anything else may also be a factor. I am looking forward to the upcoming expansion and it will become one of the few non-mmo games not on sale that I will be spending some money on in quite some time. I'm not sure I'll keep at it for 10 years, but for now it's just what I need (thanks to Bronte for pointing that one out).

World Of Tanks has had some major announcements recently with the addition of Tier 10 medium tanks and tank destroyers. It could be quite interesting for the end-game, but as I'm not really into Clan Wars and rarely use my end-game tanks, it's a bit of a 'meh' for me. I dislike the top-tier tank economy and as it stands so adding yet another cash-sucking tier doesn't hold much appeal. I have, in fact, sold my E50 (German top tier medium) as I rarely play it, and when I do, rarely have fun with it. I've not played in over a week for both the reasons of practicality, and the fact I am quite into Civ V. It's been a nice break, over all, but I do get that feeling that I should be playing. Every day for over a year and now, cold turkey! Ahhh, gaming. Both a passion and an addiction.

Happy whatever day it is everyone!


  1. Yes - WoT isn't quite a one-handed game :)

    I am hoping to avoid the colic - crossing fingers! I hope yours recovers quickly.

  2. You're gonna make me give Civ V another shot dammit.

  3. @stnylan- Cheers!

    @32ndlaw- I think it's worth another go. The upcoming Gods and Kings looks quite good bringing back some elements I liked from earlier games such as religion, and spying, in addition to new civs, techs, etc.

    The new combat system, which I didn't like at first, has turned out to be a greater challenge.

    Performance issues remain and the fps/turn wait time is a joke for a high-end single player game but it looks as though this is a common complaint and not one they are going to do anything about.

    1. Yeah, I'm waffling between how much I hate Civ V and my memory of how it took two expansions to make Civ III and Civ IV so good. Hmmm.

  4. Somewhere along the way, they've rebalanced the game and made things much better. For example, the marketplace. I never used to build it because getting +15%ish gold of 6 gold is not that exciting in the early game. Now I get that same percentage, but also a +2 gold bonus for my 15-20 turns of construction time.

    THe performance thing is irritating. If I play your game and pull out my phone to make Words with Friends moves, your performance sucks. I guess I'm putting up with it because it's only bad late game.