Wednesday, May 2, 2012

No Secret War For You, Or Let The Nappies Fly

I was moderately excited to see a beta invite to The Secret World appear magically in my in-box (Sir!). It's a new MMO which states that is going to be different, not like all the others, and not like all the others that also say they are going to be different but end up the same. In any case I followed the links and ended up at this:

Brace yourself (and not in the Australian sense of the phrase, right Sheila). Ready? Okay.

I don't fucking use Facebook and I'm not going to start to try a new fucking game. There. Rant over, or as others have stated more humorously, my nappy has been flung. It's now safe.

I may not, because I refuse to use a third party social site that harvests personal information for business' and is used by all sorts of enterprising predators (sexual and financial), get to play what could be a 'new' game. Oh well. I also fought Steam for years and did without some games I really wanted until I caved. That was mostly due to the good sales they have and the fact I'm not required to broadcast my personal life to the world to use it. I can guarantee you I will not be caving in to Facebook- ever.

Oh, I also managed to not get invited to the Salem Beta even though I referred the correct number of people.


Where's my nappy damnit, there's more flingin' to be done.


  1. haha oh Facebook. I like Facebook for one reason, really: it's a way to see baby pictures that very old, wayward friends take of their kids. People I'd probably never hear of again I can keep in some vague touch with, so for that it's nice. Otherwise it's a glorified buzz feed.

    As for the data farming, there's nothing on my FB that isn't publicly available anyway. And I routinely block all applications, so as to avoid the innumerable and rampant viruses that piggy back on them.

    I have basically zero faith in the Secret World being impressive, which is why I want to try it. My opinion can only go up.

  2. So dumb. I remember we needed to follow someone on twitter or something for a chance at GW2 beta access at one point or like something on facebook...hell no, not gonna spam people for that. Social media is great and all but turning it into advertising just makes me not want to use the product that requires it.

  3. I've never been much for social media as those I want to keep in touch with...I do. I'm old school that way ;)

    I do recognize it's usefulness but its just so often overcrowded with crap and I can't be bothered trying to sift through it all.

  4. I'm not seeing myself as old-school. Just educated, aware of issues and like my privace. Because of that my computer also still is "100% steam-free" and my facebook account is canceled. (It exists, as i am readily try new stuff and was created before facebook gave the first glimpse of it's ugly face. )

    So yea, if TSW requires an active facebook account, the game has no chance with me, despite i am following it (with interest) already since their first viral campaign (a few clues and hints to investigate about) hit the web. So yes, i still saw the timer before their darkdemonscrygaia forum became available and thus way before the name of the game was revealed.

    Too bad, but stupid decissions are stupid. I work on contract basis in a sensitive environment, thus just facebook itself is a nuisance for me. Requiring me not just to activate it again, but even more to link it to a game which bases on various conspiracy theories can easily affect my chances for future contracts. This is even when future contractors see that it's just a game and don't get fooled into believing i am deeply into conspiracy theories.

    Thus, shelling out money for TSW, while this might endanger my own income? Sorry, TSW, but there's other games out there...