Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Newbs Ain't Noobs

Today is the launch of a newbie blogger initiative spearheaded by Syp over at Bio Break who also writes for Massively (over-achieving little bugger). I'm actually writing this in the near-distant past and plan to post it by travelling forward in time, waiting six years, and then travelling back to the past to post it today.... wait, that makes no sense. Ah well, I'm easily confused by all those time travel movies anyway and never understand why they don't just find out what the fecking winning lottery number is and be done with it. Come on, it's what we'd all do, isn't it? Well, that and snog our Mom's apparently.

Right, well, to save time and confusion maybe I'll just use the Blogger feature to have this posted for me tomorrow morning, or, if you've been paying attention, early this morning. It's crazy, nonsensical stuff like this that you too could be posting on your very own blog!

The initiative is to encourage anyone out there who may be toying with the idea of writing a blog to go ahead and do it! At the risk of infringing on Nike's copyright, or, alternatively providing them with too much free advertising, I will say this:

Copyright someone who has enough lawyers to sue me ten times over..

The initiative has (last I checked) over 60 established bloggers participating and there's a helpful forum set up with who we are, tips, tricks, and encouragements in addition to posts by brand new bloggers introducing themselves to the world. Imagine a gritty zombie movie except instead of zombies, its bloggers all shuffling along moaning: blogs.....blogs......we want your blogs. That's exactly what the forum is like. Oh, and have you ever wondered how I get people to read my blog? Heroin. That's right, I drug the posts so people get addicted and then they have to return. It's tips like these, and likely some better (ie: real) ones from more established bloggers, that you'll find on this site.

Seriously though- have you ever thought of blogging? Why not give it a try, or at least head over to the forum and see what's what. There's plenty of good people willing to provide encouragement and advice (and, for the sake of fairness, probably some bad people providing shitty advice as well). This month is Newbie Blogger Month and we're trying to get as many new bloggers up and running as possible. Syp is focused on MMO's (bless his obsessed little heart) but I'd encourage you to blog about whatever you want. You may not stick with it. You may hate it. You may love it. You'll never know until you try it. Every blogger in the initiative will be posting today (or close to it) and there will be more posts discussing why we got into blogging and our experiences and/or tips.

This month then, I'll be talking about my favorite thing of all: me! I'll talk about why I got into blogging and provide some tips and encouragements for any aspiring bloggers out there. It'll be good fun, and there'll be heroin. Don't forget the heroin. Mmmmmmmmm, it's like being wrapped in soft, pillowy, cotton wool.....er, or so I've been told.

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