Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Newbie Blogger Advice: Never Tell The Truth

Everyone in the blog-o-verse is giving newbie bloggers advice on what to do this month (bloody know-it-alls) due to the Newbie Blogger Initiative. My last bit of advice was to never post drunk, which, admittedly, can be hard if you are as attached to scotch, wine, beer, gin, and hand sanitizer as I am. Another bit of advice that the more established bloggers might not tell you is that you should never, ever tell the truth.

No one wants to hear the truth about your boring old life. Spice it up! Imply your life is more exciting, or outright lie. Let's face it, if telling people about the real you was so hot, you'd have real-life friends and you wouldn't need to blog, now would you? Like the rest of us you are a social misfit and you will be more popular if you just make stuff up. Look at me, I get at least four hits per week, so I must be on to something. Granted two of those hits are from me and She Who Will Be Named Later, but still: four hits!

Right. You want some real advice? I'd suggest looking at all the other bloggers who are posting advice and listening to them. Most of them have been around for ages (old buggers) so they must know what they're on about. In the end you have to do what's right for you- it's your blog. You have to like it or no-one else will. Of everything I've read I'd say the best advice is to NOT paint yourself into a corner. If you are a game-specific, or worse yet a role and game-specific blog you will ultimately fail as a long-term entity. I started as a Warhammer specific blog but quickly (two months) realized I wanted to talk about other stuff. Now-adays I post a lot about World Of Tanks, but I am a non-specific game-focused blog which gives me the freedom to ramble on about anything. Hell, most weeks I only post on Fridays where I have made it my 'thing' to talk about my life outside of games (albeit humorously) and the weekends which usually feature music (and damn fine music if I do say so myself).

I am a person with a variety of tastes, interests, and hobbies, and so are the people who read blogs. I have come to realize that posting for myself is the way forward because if I am interested in what I am talking about then I will be interesting to read. My World Of Tanks readers may not give two shits about Wurm Online, or Daft Punk (likely not possible), but there are others out there who do.

If you blog it....they will come. Hey, worked for Kevin Costner, why not you?

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  1. following ya home like a good peeveepee-er - but... you said Wurm! Think I've seen you sailing by I do. Hiya Gank :)