Thursday, May 10, 2012

Newbie Blogger Advice, Mit Subtitles!

Like a farmyard full of horses, cattle, pigs, and sheep, the blog-o-verse is awash with some really good advice* by some really great** bloggers. There are some wonderful*** new blogs up and I'm very happy**** to see them. Looking back on my own advice posts I realize I'm not likely to make Syp's daily list of do-gooder bloggers helping the newbies. Ah well. I do it to myself, really.

I don't really think Syp and I would get along in real life. After reading his blog for over a year I think we look at things in very different ways. We are both introverts, true, and we both love games, yes, but ultimately I think we would, at best, simply nod to each other politely if we worked in the same office. I wouldn't actively undermine him with the boss, nor would I loosen the lug-nuts on the tires of his car in the staff parking lot on my lunch break (I'm not wasting my break on him, lets be honest), but I doubt we'd be getting plastered after work in the pub either.

The thing about blogging is you get to 'meet' a lot of people. Most of these are other bloggers and you find some who you think would be good fun to get together with. You will note I have two blogrolls off to the side there. No, to the right, not the left. No, RIGHT, dammit. There you go, that's it. The top list are blogs that I read every day, or whenever the lazy bastards can be bothered to post. The bottom list are blogs I'm trying out for a while to see how they turn out. Be warned that if you are on that list, and you get a warm, fuzzy glow and, filled with the emotion of the moment, add me to your blogroll- I may cut you from the team. If you've made it through primary and secondary school you'll likely be used to this, especially if you're a nerdy gamer type. Not everyone can play on the team, can they?

What I mean to say is that I don't keep a bloated blogroll just for the sake of it. I usually cut blogs who don't post regularly (with a couple notable exceptions) and if I lose interest I'll likely take you off. I also follow a few blogs, albeit with less regularity, that are not on either lists. Scary Worlds is one of those, for example, that I can't quite come to grips with reading every day. I have no idea why. It just is, though I think he, and Rivs would be a great pair to meet in the pub for a few. Them and the lads from KIASA, who (unbeknown to them) I have decided I will get together with for a pint when I'm next in London. Don't worry, lads, I don't actually know where you live, yet (my hired detectives are still working that one out) and I can't afford a ticket to the UK just yet. But soon, my pretties, soooooon......

So yes, you'll meet some interesting people ***** while blogging and I'm happy ****** to welcome you to the blog-o-verse!

*** likely to fail
**** indiferent
***** nutters
****** mandated by the charter of the Newbie Blogger Initiative


  1. I'd be terribly disappointing in real life, I imagine.

    I can't speak for m'colleague, but if there's a decent pint of bitter to be had, you can always count me in, Real Life permitting.

  2. I doubt that!

    Ahh, yes, it would be nice to be in a place where the more than a few know the difference between a bitter, an ale, and lager. For the record, I could be pressed into one of all three, plus a stout, of course, for dessert.

  3. It's now my goal to become your BEST FRIEND FOREVER! /readies candy boxes

  4. lol! Just what I need, a new BFF!

  5. Candy boxes? Sign him up for the beer of the month club.

  6. Now that's what I'm talking about!

  7. I approve of this post.