Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let's Continue Making Fun Of Others

This one literally made me l.o.l. For anyone new to my blog I often pick out ridiculous ads from various sources and post them for our amusement!

Wanted: Large Dog

We live on a farm, and we wanted to get some sheep. We want a very large dog that will protect the sheep, and is capable of killing larger animals that may be a threat to them (like coyotes). The dog has to be under the age of 4, but a puppy is preferable. The dog needs to be gentle, to children and to other dogs and cats. We live on a farm, so the dog would have a lot of room to roam and explore.
Yes, indeed, the ever elusive gentle-with-your-children-and-cats-but-willing-and-able-to-kill-a-coyote breed of dog. Good luck with that one. I just wonder how anyone who lives on a farm can be so stupid with regards to animals.

Hi i am looking for a brisle nose pleco that is big not small but big that so he doesn't not get eaten by my other fish please E-mail with number and a photo if you have one.

Nice. I dare say that one of the things 'social' media and the Internet can be blamed for is the decline in the ability to actually communicate. You know, like, properly, like, without making no mistakes and stuff. lol. Oh, and just for the record when you say 'so he doesn't not get eaten' the double negative communicates the fact that you want the little fucker to get eaten, so in fact you are looking for feeder plecos. AND "I" SHOULD BE IN CAPS.................. FFS. Not to mention they're actually Bristle Nose Plecos...not Brisle.

lobters for sale
Well, I was hopeful that perhaps an error was made in the title only, but the body of the ad was to prove me wrong:

 Hello i got 2 lobters for sale need gone want some thing else in my fish tank MAKE ME A OFFER and there some bodys cal XXX-XXXX for info or E-mail for A offer thanks for looking.
I'm not sure what a lobter is, but I can take a pretty good guess. The fact that he has body's is a bit disconcerting, however, and a possible tip for the local Crime Stoppers program.

Dog Playpen $140

I have a dog run that is 8 feet in diamiter and 4 feet tall. I bought this for my dog so he wouldn't feel caged up during the day while I was at work.
........really? You bought a cage so he wouldn't feel what again?

As Charlie Brown would say, Good Grief!

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  1. These are fantastic! Particularly the killing but loving dog one ... Goodnessgracious.