Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In The Company of The Company of Heroes

Saturdays are turning into a day where I try new games, thanks mainly to a decreasing interest in World of Tanks, and some pretty good Steam Sales. I don't always stick with the new games, but they do manage to keep my attention for a few hours at least. The way I judge 'good value for gaming' is how much is costs me per hour to have said fun. It's not as horribly analytical as it sounds, but I figure paying about a dollar per hour of game time is good. I remember my old arcade days in which I spent great gobs of money so today's values which include Steam sales, and free to play MMO's are brilliant.

This means for a game like Wurm, (in which I've played around 500 hours and only paid somewhere around $30), or even World Of Tanks ($500 paid for around 900 hours) I think I've come out on top. Never mind the games are free to play, okay? Yes, we won't mention that at all........

In any case, that long-winded, pointless introduction was my way of getting 'round to the fact I purchased Company of Heroes and the first expansion on Steam for $6. I'm not going to review this game as I may in fact be the last WWII game fan to try it out. My old WoT clan, the 116th Panzer Division, had a division dedicated to CoH but I was too wrapped up in WoT to bother checking it out. I did, however, succumb to the call of the Red Orchestra 2 siren (they had a division for that game as well), however, and purchased the game which now holds the record, according to my per hour stats, as one of the most expensive games on my 'not played list'. I tried it for a couple hours and never went back so it comes in at around $20/hour. I keep saying, to myself, that I should go back, but it was just too First Persony for me. The endless dying and re-spawning is everything I hate in a multi-player game.......and here we go again getting off track.

So, Company of Heroes it is. Right. Well in addition to not liking typical FPS shooters I also dislike Real Time Strategy quite a lot. All that clicking and moving, looking here and there, worrying about this sector and that- it's all too much. I like turn-based games where I can get up to use the loo and not come back to find my empire has completely crumbled and I am essentially responsible for millions of people dying simply because I drank an extra cola and needed to take a pee.

The last Real Time Strategy game to get my serious attention was Warcraft back in 1994. No, not World of Warcraft (hold your tounge you blasphemer) but Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. Hard to believe, I know, but something did exist before the gaming masses decided to drink the Kool-Aid in 2004. I do believe I still had a mullet, but we won't go there. I dabbled with other RTS games, of course, but never made it much past the first few hours.

I slaughtered Humans by the bucket-load.

We'll see how long CoH manages to capture my attention. I may possibly try some head-to-head games (the portal promises games with like-ranked players) which might be fun. I dabbled in something similar with Guild Wars' Hero Battles but I may just stick with the single-player campaigns. I am getting a bit short-tempered in WoT these days so perhaps more multi-player isn't what's needed. A nice quiet diversion without other humans (or Orcs) may be what's called for.


  1. I overdosed on RTSs around Dune II/Warcraft/Command & Conquer as well, then hardly touched them until Company of Heroes; thoroughly enjoyed CoH, though I never dared head online with it, suspect it's much better for the ol' blood pressure just to play against the computer...

  2. I forgot about Dune! That one took up a lot of my time as well. I can't remember if I played Dune II or not. Been too long....sigh. I never did get into Command and Conquer but a mate of mine went nuts for it so I did get to see quite a bit of game-play.