Saturday, May 5, 2012

Huzzah! 6908 World of Tanks Kills.

After 6903 battles in World of Tanks, what's left to get excited about? Well, some time ago I set a goal to have as many kills as  I did games and I finally manged to get there!

A special shout out to everyone who died by my hand in any one of those many, many random battles. I couldn't have done it without you, really, and whatever you do, don't improve your skills. I like you (exploding) just the way you are.

And speaking of skills, Holy Jeebas. I've started using the XVM Efficiency Mod which shows how many battles each player has, along with their efficiency rating and (less importantly) their win-loss ratio. Efficiency is made up of a few factors and doesn't depend on your tier, or (allegedly) your tank. I do find light tanks which are designated scouts have a much lower efficiency rating and suspect that's because they don't do a lot of damage to the enemy (despite helping in other ways).

It's really opened my eyes to how bad some players are- and that's okay. Not everyone can be good but there are soooooo many players who are rated as 'below average' (they show up red). There are a few cases in which I've seen 'below average' players with over 10k battles and win-ratios under 40% and I have to wonder:

  1. How can you play so many games and not get any better as a player?
  2. Don't you get tired of losing?

Maybe it's just me and my obsession with 'good' stats but if I wasn't really good at a competitive game I think I'd eventually give up. I'd certainly give up before I clocked 7,000 battles. A few thousand would do it for me. They must really like the game, so fair play to them. God knows I can use more easy victims to pad my own kill stats with so keep at it!

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