Monday, April 2, 2012

WoT Now?

You're probably too busy playing the new 7.2 patch to bother reading this, and if so, fair play to you. There are some cool new effects to see, and some 'new' tanks to check out. I say 'new' because although the US heavies are, indeed, new, the 'new' US tank destroyer line is really just more of the same. I get why people are excited to try 'new' tanks but less face it, they are simply an alt and you are leveling up through the same old content again, and again, and again (and I say this as an altoholic with 20+ tanks in his garage).

And again- that's cool. Enjoy. I would love to see something truly new in the game but this has been asked for and ignored by better players than me for over a year now so I'm not holding my breath. I've logged over 6,500 games now and I still enjoy playing so I won't bother beating that dead old horse again. Put up or shut up I guess, so I'm shutting up and playing. Well, not completely shutting up, of course (hence the post).

The impact of the new economic changes have yet to be felt, but they lost me at 'hello'. Hello being 'credit nerf' in this case. I'm letting my premium expire in protest and dusting off some of my old favorites- many of which (que ironic chuckling in the background), have been given an income boost. Wargaming's plan, in this case, has completely backfired as they've now made a paying customer choose to play for free. /Golf clap

I am sure there are plenty of players eager to take my place and grind up the tech tree to get that special tank of their dreams. As for me, I have to say, I feel that I've achieved everything I set out to do the last time I paid for a premium account. I've got 100% crews in all the tanks I use (except one) and I've bought all the top-tier tanks I've thought I'd fancy, save for the IS-7. Unlocked it, but not bought as I just can't take buying one more top tier tank to find that I'm disappointed in some way (match maker problems, performance issues, 0-damage 'hits', lack of credits, stupid team-mates, etc). I was really looking forward to driving this one, but instead I'll play my KV which is both an income generator and a noob-pwner all in one.

Imagine a bored teller saying 'next?' Seriously...what more should I try for?

As a birthday present to myself (it was last week) I finished off my grind to the Chaffee and used free experience to unlock all the modules. I'm currently waiting on a discounted weekend to buy a golden crew (100%) and then it will be the only top-of-it's-class tank I run. Judging from the test server, it seems to lose about 10k a match, and with 8 million credits in the bank (plus a host of premium tanks which all make money) I can easily afford that.

Fun and challenging. The Chaffee! has announced that the 7.3 test will be starting soon and if they don't make a bollocks of the account-copying I should be able to try all the new Russian tanks that are incoming. I have everything needed for this one sitting in my garage (IS4, KV, KV-3) so now it's the waiting game......the free waiting game...... Oh, and I have to retract my last post on the new spotting system as they cut it from this patch. It was the one thing I was looking forward to as well. Insert disappointed emote here.

I'm working on bringing you something new for my World of Tanks post as the usual 'insight into the metagame' is, I feel, getting dull and somewhat repetitive. I may go with videos or tank-guides in the future but for now I'my trying to get some interviews done (and posted) of interesting players in the WoT world. Time to shift away from what I'm doing and (for a change) consider others. I know. I'm as shocked as you.

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