Monday, April 23, 2012

World of Tanks 7.3 Test Review

Well not so much a review as a quick update on what I've been doing, namely playing the World of Tanks test for update 7.3. There isn't a lot to say, really, despite the introduction of new tanks and the re-vamp of the Russian Heavy Tanks Tree. There isn't much point reviewing them individually as they are all likely going to change with the next round of testing and the forums are filled with analysis and comments if you're interested.

I was surprised that the IS-4, which is being moved to Tier X, was made a faster, agile heavy rather than an armored fortress. I was under the impression it was going to become the 'Russian Maus' but instead it's speed comes in around 40 kph and the armor has been left as is. Yes, I did say 'as is'. It's hard to say how the tank really is because I suspect there are a lot of people using gold ammo. The new IS-4 gun not only does 400 damage (normally) but with gold rounds it has 400 penetration so the fact I am getting blown apart like an steel-pinata may not mean as much as I think.

I only played a few battles in my new Russian tanks (the IS-8, for the record is lightly armored but moves like a medium with a top speed of 50 kph and is also easily penetrated) and moved on to others I have been wondering about for some time- mostly mediums as they are my favorite. I also tried the new French premium SPG as well and would suggest you save your money as it's only so-so and there are better free arties that make the same amount of cash. Playing the test server is always interesting and somewhat misleading as to how things will be 'live'. Different play-styles, unfamiliar tanks, and risk-free tanking ensures things are fast and furious. I'm always amused when I see people capping to win. What the heck for? We're there to test tanks, maps, and changes, damn it- go fight!

All in all I've discovered several 'new' tanks I'd like to play (M26 Pershing US Medium, T-44 Russian Medium, GW Panther German Arty, and even the M6 US Heavy as an unlikely candidate). I suppose there isn't much point beating the old 'there isn't any real new content here' horse is there? New tanks, two new maps (one of which is buggy as hell and crashes my client every time) and........ well, that's it. I understand the novelty of new tanks and, as I said, there are several I'd like to play myself. The ongoing and potentially game-crippling problem (of which I keep bitching about) is that there isn't really anything 'new' to do. It's still a 15 v 15 battle royale. I feel I will have to move on from random, public matches soon. When 'grinding a new line' seems like something new and exciting it's time to look at some alternative game-play. I am interested in tournaments, and I was a huge proponent of Company Battles (which they instituted a while ago) and have done neither as of yet so maybe it's on me to find my own challenges in game. Hmmm, yes, the World of Tanks Sandbox edition. Sounds good to me!


  1. I'm still puttering away as non-premium most of the time, though I took advantage of the "three days for the price of one" and 5x XP boosts over Easter. Had a quick look at the 7.3 stuff, and conveniently I'd racked up enough cash to re-buy the KV and KV-3, so I should score a couple of new tanks when it goes live. Tried the T-150 at all?

  2. I haven't tried the T-150 but then again I never played the KV-3 which was sitting in my garage for months awaiting this patch. I have looked at the original KV to KV-2 split and see they have sneakily 'nerfed' the original KV by essentially moving it to tier VI.

    The 'original KV' now the KV-2 is tier II and has the same armor, turret, and gun choices (107 or Derp) as the original but is now Tier VI.

    The KV-1 is the new tier V KV but has less powerful guns: 85mm I believe. It also has more armor, so I think its still a lot of fun especially with the new MM placement of Heavy Tier V tanks.

    I'll post some pics in a post today.