Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Tale Of Two KV's

The World of Tanks 7.3 patch is going to forever alter one of the most played, beloved, and winning tanks in the game: The Tier V Heavy Russian KV. A fearsome tank in skilled hands it's derp gun was both mocked (by the foolish) and feared (by those in the know). It was a go-to moneymaker that I only discovered recently. The new patch will be essentially moving that tank to tier VI and most people will breath a sigh of relief. It's new replacement is still pretty fearsome, with better armor, weaker guns, but a new MM that will see it (hopefully) play within its class so if you were thinking your days of being terrorized by the KV were over.... think again!

I've played the KV-1 on the test server only a few times and it does promise to be fun but I will miss the old 'OP' KV and wish I had played it earlier.

The LOL machine.

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