Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Saturday Tune on Sunday

I always seem to be a bit behind. Amy Winehouse died some time ago but I am only now going back and listening to her work- something I didn't do while she was alive. Not in any serious way in any case. Perhaps reminded of Amy by the recent suicide of Tommy Marth from The Killers (a band which I have been listening to for years) I've been thinking about my musical days in Ireland. That may not make much sense, but in a nutshell I first listened to the Killers while driving through Ireland with a mate on the way to work. I attended a music festival (The Electric Picnic) with She Who Will Be Named Later and that mate and saw Toots and the Maytals where I was blown away by the energy of the set, and in particular the song Monkey Man.

While looking for that set on You Tube I discovered that Amy did a lot of ska covers and one of them...yes, you guessed it...Monkey Man. That was, apparently, the last song she played on that ill-fated tour where she was booed off stage. Watching that video I can see why they were angry, but ultimately I feel very sad for her. Sad for anyone who feels that things are so bad that they have no choice but to end things one way or another.

For today's posts, then, first, Amy singing a great version of Monkey Man (though she is clearly drunk on this set not to the extreme of those last shows).

And one from The Killers which prominently features the sounds of Tommy.

And finally, one more from Amy with the legendary Specials.

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