Monday, April 30, 2012

Mo' Money, Mo' People, Mo' Problems

This is from Melmoth at KIASA:

MMOs are more than just the games we play, they are the communities which form around the games, and this is what should make them different and special. Somewhere along the way we seem to have lost this depth of community. Perhaps the player-base has been spread too thinly with the wealth of MMO choice in recent years; perhaps developers have failed to instill, or even enable, an appropriate sense of community within their player-base; perhaps players have been spoilt by the bigger MMOs, and a sense of selfish entitlement precludes a solid community forming.

Melmoth makes a good point. My counter point, however is maybe people, in general, are just ass-hats so the larger the pool of people participating means the greater likelihood the 'unsavory' will come to play. It's the 'ole "there goes the neighborhood" kinda thing. Gaming and MMO's were once a niche thing with smaller, tighter-knit communities and now most of them are not. This is sad but on the up side the sheer amount of cash available for gaming now means we get some pretty great games without having to start the cassette tape thrity minutes in advance.

Win some, lose some I guess.

I had a lot of fun playing Pitfall on the Atari but I have to say I get a great deal more satisfaction out of killing people in World of Tanks even though I complain about the jerks all the time! That doesn't mean I don't grind multiple teeth to nerve-ravaged stubbs at times, and this is right on the money (from the same post):

Wanting to have your issues resolved is entirely understandable, but the foot-stamping, nappy-flinging, red-faced wailing that occurs amongst a certain set of players every time they don’t get an absolutely immaculate MMO experience, or find themselves hindered by an issue for any longer than a nanosecond, casts the MMO community as a whole in a terribly bad light.
Indeed. And since I've not managed to turn Melmoth's post into my own with only a few clever twists I shall stop plagiarizing him immediately!


  1. I believe that quoting with attribution is fair use, as a general rule. I shall refrain from flinging my nappy.

    As for your counter point: I'd like to think that people, in general, are not ass-hats, but goodness if this Internet thing doesn't keep throwing up evidence to the contrary. Tsk!

  2. Yes, the internet certainly does do that, doesn't it?

    Flinging my that one.