Thursday, April 19, 2012

Let's Make Fun of Others

I would say 'I couldn't make this up' but I could. Anyone could, and has, in fact, in numerous movies throughout the ages. In my old stomping grounds, a city of 240k in the middle of...well, nowhere really, this headline has emerged:

Ban exorcisms, science advocacy group urges

Yes, really. Long story short a priest was called in to perform an exorcism on a man who's aunt thought he might be possessed. The priest only blessed him- no outright 'exorcism' was performed but two nuggets from the article that I liked:

...the bishop for the Catholic diocese of Saskatoon confirmed that a local priest had dealt with a case of possible demonic possession. Bishop Don Bolen also said it's possible the man was experiencing a mental breakdown.

You think? Really. Demons or mental health issues. Hmmm.. let me see.

And this- just in case you weren't clear on who the goodies and baddies were in this whole religious thing:

While there was no formal exorcism ritual performed, the priest blessed the man, saying he belonged to the good side, to Jesus. That seemed to help.

Well holy shit (pun intended) I'm glad you cleared that up. Jesus was on the side of good was he? I had that all mixed up over the years. I guess that explains why I cry at Easter at the thought he rose from his grave like a flesh-eating zombie to come and enslave us all. I guess that would explain all the free bread and the turn-the-other cheek stuff, him being good and all.

On a serious note it is an interesting dilemma the Church faces. Obviously no one but the very devote (crazy) believe that demonic possession is possible, but if the Church were to agree they'd have to admit, essentially, that everything they believe and say is utter nonsense. The Church can't go around saying evil doesn't exist now can it?

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