Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guess Who's Back, Back Again?

If you immediately said "Slim Shady" you get a prize! No, not really (sorry), but yes, I did have Eminem's Without Me in mind when I wrote that title. It's neither Slim Shady, nor Marshal Mathers I'm talking about though, it's Wurm Online.

Since letting my WoT premium expire lo those many days ago (2) I don't feel a 'need' to log in. I'm not concerned with grinding anything so the pressure to do so while I'm a paying customer (to get my money's worth or so I thought) is gone. As a true introvert I sometimes (always) get a craving for solitude (even in virtual worlds) and the desire to play Wurm Online hit me. I had logged in, now and then, but this was the first time I logged in and stayed for a few hours. The 'ole homestead is just fine. A little overgrown, perhaps, but still intact and safe. And guess who's still alive? That's right! Venerable Horse. Giddi-up!

Venerable Horse, or as I like to call her: Slim Horsey.
Wurm alows you to 'care' for a pet or animal and extend their lifespan, but holy jeebus I didn't expect her to live this long. One of her descendants was still kicking about as well so I did what I had to do to ensure her genetic survival and bred them. Now that I think of it, that not only makes me a sick monster for promoting incest, it likely will ensure retarded offspring which will doom her line to failure. Hmmm.... too late now I suppose. Ah, sure, it won't be so bad. A two-headed horse with six legs may come in handy.

Wurm has opened some new servers and an 'Epic' server which gives players more of a challenge and some added direction in their virtual lives. I've only briefly read up on it and I'm not overly interested. It sounds great, but I'm still only interested in plodding around and doing this and that in relative peace and quiet. My neighbors seems to have fled to one of these new servers as it's very quiet in my area. A lot of my old stuff has decayed away (carts and food storage bins) leaving me scrounging once again for gear.

Returning to my old habits I managed to 'aquire' a large cart, and some potatoes for planting. I note some nearby mines are not currently being used so, should I choose, I can get some resources for more building. I really wish Wurm Online had more of an economic system (like, say, Ryzom, or Eve, or any other game really, where you can sell your aquired resources) which would provide some motivation to do...well, anything really. I do love a good sandbox, and the freedom is wonderful, but there isn't a lot I want to 'accomplish'. I'm not interested in grinding skills so maybe I'll just do some exploration and some, er, 'recycling' of things others have left behind. Maybe I'm a Tinker at heart! Don't blame me, dammit, I was an archaeologist for many years and all that involved was looking around for cool stuff to nick...for the museums, of course. It's in my blood, is all I can say.

I may sub for a couple months as in my current 'free to play' form I can't pilot any of my boats and travelling by water is both faster, and safer. At $5 per month it isn't a bank-breaker though how much I will actually want to play remains to be seen. Maybe I'll finish my trip around the world which was so rudely interrupted by my dying....many times over.

And because you asked for it (I'm sure) here's the song from the title. Check out Elvis break-dancing at around the 2min mark.

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  1. Ya know Wurm went 1.0 with new character models, multistory houses, internal walls, and a raft of bug fixes.