Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gaming Mojo

Games, games, games. Don't we ever get sick of games? Playing games, writing about games, reading about games, watching You Tube videos of games we play (or maybe that's just me). It all seems like a lot sometimes especially for MMO/Online gamers who often stick with their games for long periods, even years at a time. Getting sick of a game, or burning out, is natural I think. Defining that moment when you've had enough and when you just need a break can be tricky. A persons definition of 'break' varies as well. I've taken in-game breaks by just grinding mobs, or exploring when I just couldn't be arsed questing or PVP-ing.

Looking for that gaming mojo.

It's often about setting goals as well or having something to strive for. My current, long-term goal in World Of Tanks, for instance, is to have my kill-total surpass my games total. It's not much, but its something. Perhaps we'd be better off just walking away from our chosen game(s) when we reach that point. When the thrill of the initial challenge, or excitement, in whatever form that was (questing, story-line, etc) is gone maybe we'd be better off finding so meting new. Does getting a bit bored with a game mean you should move on? Why stay if it isn't as exciting as it was in the beginning?

It's an interesting question and we all have our own reasons, I'm sure. I think we generally accept, as human beings, that things can lose that frosty glow of newness and still be good. There are other avenues to explore, new(ish) thing to try, and let's face it: we take comfort in the known because it's reliable and...well, comforting.This isn't a gaming-only phenomena, now is it? Television series run for years (especially in North America) and we still plop down in front of them. If we were honest we'd admit that we have, essentially, been watching the same t.v. programs for years. Every 'family sit com', every 'cop drama', every 'quirky new show' has been done before yet still we watch.

I was watching my dog sleep last night. He looked very content, and quite comfortable in his new bed. I often worry that my dogs get bored (especially in the winter). The Sultan of Smart used to have a very busy life. He'd accompany me to work every day when I lived in Ireland. He was on the go from 6am to 9pm some days and he never batted an eye. Well, maybe he did, but he didn't complain about the long days. In any case, my point is that he was content. He was comfortable and happy in a new bed, with a full belly, and with masters who spoil the crap out of him. Maybe he does get bored sometimes, but in the end everything is perfect for him and so, he is content. I guess if my biggest worry is that I might be getting bored with a game I've been able to play for hours and hours.....well, I guess things are all right, aren't they?

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