Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Counting of Chickens Shall Not Commence Until The Eggs Have Hatched

You'll see what I did there with the title in a moment. I'm so clever I can sometimes barely contain myself. With genius this great I do believe if I was to be a villain, I'd be a Super Villain. If I was a hero, I'd likely be a...well, you get the idea. Mmmmmm Hero Sandwich. But I digress.

Remember Friday's post, when I said 'Spring is Sprung' like some kind of fool who hasn't lived in one of the coldest parts of the habitable earth for over 30 years? You can scroll down if you haven't committed all my posts to memory...it's okay. I'll wait.



All caught up. Great. Now on the very next day, on Easter Saturday (ah, you see, the eggs reference now though I have no idea what eggs actually have to do with Easter. I think they represent bunny poop myself, but then where the hell do bunnies get off hijacking Jesus' birthday.....oh right, digressing again), a mere one day after that post can you guess what? I think you can.

Pwned by Winter. Again.

I can actually hear winter screaming: Booya! Take that you summer loving noob!

Ah well at least this way I can get one more post in about the bad weather before summer is truly (hopefully) here. Oh, and speaking of eggs hatching, did I mention I'm taking a year off from The Soap Factory to assist in the rearing of New Mouth To Feed? God bless Canada and it's  Parental Leave Policy. It's going to be a goooood summer. I'll have to thank her for having the good sense to be born in a perfectly decent season.

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  1. Bunnies have as much to do with Easter as trees do Christmas. Or for that matter as Christ's birth does being celebrated in December (ain't no shepherds sleeping outdoors in December).