Monday, April 16, 2012

Close, But No Sale.

As a chronic over-thinker I spent a great deal of the weekend pondering whether or not to give in to temptation and buy the discounted 6-month premium deal that World Of Tanks was offering on their 1st anniversary weekend. I swung too and fro many times and, bless her for pretending to care, even discussed it with She Who Will Be Named Later. I noted the glazed look in her eye but wittered on anyway.

In the end I stood (or sat) strong and spent absolutely nothing despite having the 'get gold' window up for hours in the background. Not a dime. Take that! It's that much of a victory considering what I've already spent, but I'll take a win when I can get it. Oh, and here's the best part. I can afford to, I just didn't want to. Huzzah!

As far as I'm concerned there isn't any reason to pay for this game at the moment . Yes, I still like it, but as far as 'grinding' up various tech trees and such (in which Premium really helps due to the increased experience and credits to buy tanks with) I can't be arsed. As I've said elsewhere the game doesn't change just because you are driving a higher tiered tank. It's still a cap-or-kill 15 v 15 scenario on maps I know pretty well. It's still fun, yes, but as a solo, random battle participant I see no point in paying just now. I have plenty of tanks I like and, much to my surprise, I find it fairly easy to maintain some of my higher tier tanks with a standard account (that is I can break even on credits over the course of a session with said tank up to about tier VIII). 

With 25 tanks in my garage I think it might be time to put up or shut up.... or play them or sell them in this case. My new goal is to play 200 battles with each tank in my garage.....or sell it. I'm only going to do this for tanks tiers VII and under because, for instance, I'm not going to sell my E50, or my Object 704 no matter how few battles I play with them. They cost me too damn much to get rid of!

I'm also, once again, toying with the idea of a clan. If you're an introvert like myself you may feel my pain on this one. I have no problem platooning, and socializing.... when I feel like it. When I'm on, I'm on, as it were and I'm genuinely happy to chat and whatnot. When I want to be left alone however, I want to be left alone. Plain and simple. There are days when the demands of work and life are too much to fit in social niceties to clan-mates on the other end of a teamspeak channel. As we all know there is a 'clan/guild ettitquette' that states if you are in the clan, to be considered 'active' you have to be on teamspeak at all times, or else.

I get it, I really do. I've seen people who join clans and then never log into teamspeak, or always hide in a solo-channel and I think 'why bother joining then?' The problem is that sometimes I just don't want to hang out and I don't think I should have to explain why, to anyone. The internet is a wonderful thing but sometimes I think we've lost sight of how people actually interact in social settings. There are times when we need space and that extends into virtual space as well.

The other problem is that I'm easily trolled and have a hard time keeping my mouth shut in random battles which can often reflect badly on whichever clan tag I'm wearing at that time. I'm not a raging ass-hat or anything but I react to idiots who are. A recent read-only ban from forum moderators proves my point somewhat. I may be the only one who cares about this (as in how I represent my clan to the wider world) but the pressure to keep my mouth shut in the face of idiocy is another con of a clan the way I look at it. Sigh. Maybe I'm destined to solo forever or at least until everyone, everywhere shuts the hell up and does what I say!

I know you're out there- how do my fellow introverts handle the social 'pressures' of clan life and teamspeak?


  1. I just got a random clan invite and accepted it. Turns out, they don't use teamspeak. So that part works out for me. We all are way too low in the tanks we own anyway to participate in clan wars and win, I just do clan wars because it's fun and a learning experience.

  2. That approach has never worked for me. I'm too obsessive to do anything 'at random' or at least without a lot of (likely needless) thought about it! I do want a clan with teamspeak because when I play I want to win and that requires communication. It's also more fun to chat while losing I find. I just want them to understand when I'd rather not log in and talk is all ;)

  3. I don't think you're that different from most people. Even in a clan, you're not going to like or want to hang-out all the time with everyone. I think there are lots of people in clans who don't always participate in Teamspeak/Ventrilo/Mumble but who have a good time in and are assets to their clans.