Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Let's Make Fun of Others: Part One Million

Simply because people make me laugh...and not in the good way. Check these ads out I've copied from a local Buy/Sell web site:

"I have 2 very friendly,energetic labs, caught up in shots, I recently was told i need to get rid of them by end of mth, but we are leaving for a wk in April and I want someone trusting,loving,caring to take my dogs for the wk we are gone..."

So let me get this straight. You are told you have to get rid of the dogs at the end of March and, just by coincidence, you'd like someone to take them for the first week of April? Interesting concept. Chances they return for the dogs imo? Zero. Note the little guy on the inside of the house who they don't, apparently, need you to look after while they are 'away'.

"the one pic is MOM
[puppies]... will be great with kids mom is awsome very gentle..we have ONLY 2 MALES LEFT "

Yes, of course she is gentle, just please ignore the GIANT FUCKING CHAIN that keeps her from killing people. Good grief. I either over-analyze everything or people are really dumb. Maybe both. I'll analyze it later.


  1. Nice. This is what I do for fun...mock others....and wonder why I have no friends :)

  2. Lol I think I see blood stains on the huskies mouth.