Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Lesson To Be Learned....Likely

In preparation for my Crusader Kings II game diary I was messing about, getting some screen shots, and back-tracking what I had done. I got so into the game I forgot that I'd likely be posting about it and forgot to get any screen shots from the first, oh, 100-years or so! While doing that, I got so into the game that I forgot, again, what the hell I was there for and simply started 'trying stuff' to see 'what would happen'. That's the addictive sand-box element I really like.

Now, in the name of honesty, I will tell you that I was cheating. Yes, cheating. If I see a cheat code for a game I just can't help myself. Unlimited money? Yes please! I stumbled upon the cheat codes looking for hints and decided to use them. I want to push the game to its limits to see what's possible. I wanted to take over Ireland and a few other territories (Wales for example) and all that costs cash. Lots of cash. I console myself by saying in the next game I won't use the codes...maybe. In any case I won't reveal the codes to you in case, like me, you feel compelled to use them and would rather not. Everything I'm doing within the game is possible, given enough time, but with the unlimited cash I can get it done quicker. It's like Crusader Kings II on crack. What could go wrong?

Well, unfortunately I have an answer for that. It's a slippery slope this cheat-code business and I had the idea of changing my inheritance laws so my granddaughter (born of my Heir and an African Princess I married him to) could one day rule Ireland. The private joke of having a half-African, brown, Irish Queen aside (Ah sure, she's a Blackene, so), I wanted to (as I've said) push the boundaries of the game. In order to get that done, though, I'd have to not only change the laws, but kill off her older brother. Assassination doesn't ensure success and if you're caught trying to kill your grandson there are some political ramifications, or so I was lead to believe by the text-box. Simple solution then.... use the cheat.

The catch was I needed the character I.D. from the save file so I cracked it open with Notebook. After that I reloaded, intent on killing my grandson (only for the sake of my lovely granddaughter of course) to find that I had not only corrupted the save file, but the entire save directory. I couldn't load anything without crashing the game. Re-install? Didn't work. I had to delete the whole directory, lose all my saved games, and start anew.

Many of you will be saying to yourselves that I got what I deserved. Cheaters never win and all that. Maybe you're right. I have re-started the game and am (this time) taking screenies and notes for my game diary so all in all things probably worked out for the best. I realized that late into the game it was going to be difficult to change my inheritance laws and there is a much-simpler (non-cheating) way of doing it in-game which just takes a bit of planning. I suppose there's a lesson to be learned here about taking short-cuts, and cheating in general but I just can't seem to put my finger on it....... In the meantime, of course, I have to hurry along so the only way forward, that I can see, is to use the cheat code to get some quick cash. What could go wrong?

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