Monday, March 26, 2012

Gank Wants You!

Are you bored with my various ramblings? Can't stand yet another post about why World Of Tanks isn't meeting my various needs? Could care less about Crusader Kings II, or the Saturday Tune, or (gasp) Fortuitious Friday?

Then sign up for the Salem beta! Use this link below, and if I get three referrals I'm in and then you get something new to read. Get in!

In case you've forgotten, or are unaware, this is a new Sandbox MMO from Paradox with perma death.... and bobble head avatars. What could be better? We can run a contest- guess how many times Gank gets killed...permanently! Go on, do it. You don't even have to play, just click it.....CLICK IT NOW! Don't make me resort to using various sundry email addresses to get in damn you!

And Thank go to a new blog I've discovered (who may be my virtual twin as my quick peruse of his site shows posts on Sandbox MMO's guessed it.....World Of Tanks) for pointing this offer out.


  1. So, I admit, I have less than zero interest in playing it. 1. enough games in my rotation, 2. perma-death?! aren't we over that in game design now? The whole bobble-head thing is cool. I do not mind helping you play it. I clicked the link, I signed up, I clicked the confirmation.

    Enjoy. :) Looking forward to you talking about it; that much is definitely true.

  2. Thanks! Now one more and I'm in :)

  3. Done and done. Knock em dead!

  4. I signed up just to see what it's all about. Most likely it's not for me but it's worth a try. Just like I tried Glitch and didn't care for it. It's fun trying